Blue Wings

The ACTOs are predictably sketchy and contain this reference to Blue Wings ATP “…as the ATP is modular (Ground School / Synthetic / Air) and can be completed at a number of separate locations in a variety of configurations…” I asked our WAvO for clarification and was given the earlier explanation, this was also the interpretation of OC VGS. It really needs to be clearly stated in the ACTOs to avoid confusion.


Do our aircraft now have computer keyboards?


Is that a Tutor?

Yeah the new Airbus Tutor :smiley:

There’s lots of stuff on the 2FTS share point page. There’s a conference in December to discuss/resolve issues with clarity on all this. Not very well rolled out IMO…

That’s our new effing motto!


Only 2FTS course qualified staff using a 2FTS PTT can complete the PTT element of the Blue Wings ATP. Sorry, I know lots of sqn simulators are essentially equivalent but you can’t do it yourselves.

There are courses - but there is very little availability at the moment as they get their own staff qualified. Eventually sqn staff should get a chance to qualify, I believe.

Slightly off topic, our local AGS has been doing bronze wings also.

Interesting. I’ve never seen one of those 2FTS forms, first and last I normally see of a cadet is when they strap in/out so not sure when all that signing is supposed to go on.

Didn’t you know computer games are the way forward, especially if squadrons buy them, leaves more money for the fliers to have jollies.

My cadets haven’t had an opportunity for any of this and with in the last 4½ years only 9 cadets have been flying, seven of those on camps and 2 on a RORO flying day.

One of my cadets has flown 5 times this year.

Is there a published list of PTT locations and how do sqns go about booking slots?

They should be allocated by the VGS/AGS in the same way as gliding slots…

From what Twitter shows this is working a dream in LASER, so far we have had 4 cadets complete PTT :frowning:

You shouldn’t have to book anything, this should work like flying/gliding allocations, unless I imagine like us you are under 5 AEF.

You have to do the PTT. I did mine at 622VGS on Sunday.

So, at the moment, the only places that have approved PTT are the VGS?

The VGS and AGS - that is unlikely to change as those are the places with the trained personnel and equipment necessary to deliver the PTT course.

If other sites get approved, we’ll be calling them AGS :slight_smile:

LASER have been doing PTT at 4 different locations at least so.i expect a fair few more than 4 have been completed