Blue Wings

Does anyone know if AEFs are doing the blue Wings yet for the new syllabus? If so is this on normal flying days or do you need to apply for a course? Finding it hard to get the right info. The version of ACTO31 I can find on Bader doesn’t mention the new syllabus at all but it’s probably out of date.

Cadets need to do the part task trainer then complete
A flight either in a glider or tutor. Once done they receive there blue badge

No jokes about glider :zipper_mouth_face:

They need to do exercise 1 of the Flying syllabus

It also depends on which AEF you attend.

You should advise the AEF which cadets need to complete exercise 1 and they in turnshould advise their pilot. A simple tick sheet is sufficient to provide evidence that it’s been completed.

AEFs don’t hold stocks of blue wings so you’d need to speak to your WAvo.

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They need to do PTT first.

I know of cadets doing it the other way around , doing the flying and then being put on PTT. Suppose it varies on flying and PTT availability.

Cheers. Do they have PTT at the AEF or do you need to book that elsewhere?

It depends - if you travel to your AEF then they probably have PTT facilities there, In my wing the AEF come to us and we have PTT at our Wing HQ. Best bet would be speaking to your Wing Aviation Officer who ‘should’ be able to give you the relevant information.

Very variable. Most PTT are at VGS or AGS (basically, former VGS where they have kept the ground element but not the flying - e.g. Lossiemouth has the ghost of the old Kinloss VGS). WAvO is indeed the best bet.

AEFs don’t have PTT as we don’t belong to the ACO or 2FTS. Different budgets and all that.

We have our own Sim which we built ourselves and some Wings donuse that if the PTT local to them isn’t working which is more often than not!

The AEFs don’t have PTT on site. Your local VGS or one of the new AGS (Aviation Ground School) units have the trainers and qualified staff.

It is preferred that the PTT is completed before the qualifying AEF flight but it is possible to complete AEF flight first and then do the PTT course. However the cadet must fly the AEF Sortie 1 syallabus. 2 FTS Form 004 details the exercises to be flown and should be completed by the cadet preflight.


Thanks everyone!

What if cadets have been flying pre all the new stuff or have been on a blue camp and done an air experience flight in a Tutor.


Some of our cadets went to a VGS PTT last month - we were advised that any entitlement to the “Blue Wings” related to activities after the instigation of the new syllabus (Nov 2016?).

What? Nope they can’t get one or their experience doesn’t count towards it?
Do they have to do the computer game aspect if they want one?

Nope, previous actions don’t count, they need to donthe Groundschool/PTT and then put into practice.

In my Wing the WAvO has briefed to the effect that

Any AEF Flight post 25 November 2016 that covers Exercise 1 counts towards award of Blue A Wings. Due to course/flight availability it is permissible to do the PTT and AEF in any order.

We have also been told that you can only be awarded Blue A Wings OR G Wings - not both. Can’t find a reference to this in the ACTO though.


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What a load of male bird, especially given the lack of opportunity.

Can you point me to the reference which allows AEF flight to be completed prior to PTT? I am sure I have seen it somewhere but now cannot find it. Thanks

Can anyone tell me what the PTT element of the Blue Wing badge is?

We have a (very) good simulator in the squadron and want to check we are capable of doing the required exercises before approaching the WAvO about it.