Blue wings regs


Current regulations for getting blue wings?


Complete ATP Ground Training, Complete PTT Syllabus, AEF Sortie


Or, if you’re really lucky fly at a VGS instead of an AEFto get the blue G wings


Or if you’re luckier get both


Or if you are really lucky, get flying at all :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


As above. AEF sortie has to cover learning objectives 1&2 otherwise a second sortie will be needed.


At the moment, you can qualify even if you do things in the wrong order, as long as LO1/2 covered in the AEF flight. The intention is I believe at some point to insist it’s done in the correct order (which at a VGS it should be - but isn’t always…)


Seeing as how the groundschool element is simply a slideshow is it possible to have staff qualify to deliver this element on the Contingent/Squadron so that you could get more cadets through the PTT on a visit? Especially as I’ve shamelessly ripped the powerpoints for Part 1 training anyway.


Not much point really. The ground training is basically a way to keep them amused while waiting for their turn in the partial task trainer.


Ours didn’t seem that amused by it


They all sat through the PowerPoint before going onto the PTT when we did it so still needed something to amuse them whilst waiting their turn


Can always volunteer as one of the ground instructors at your local VGS/AGS then can deliver the training to cadets from the contingent, the wing, the region, the corps :grin:


I’d love to, was a flight staff cadet many many years ago and really enjoyed it. My wife however has this crazy idea that we should spend some time together…(I’m yet to be convinced on that point :wink:)


The only places this syllabus can be delivered is at a VGS or AGS. Hola, you have your answer. Unless 2FTS will give you some special dispensation to deliver the ground school of course?? Good luck with that…


Thank you for the answer, albeit in a rather unnecessarily passive aggressive manner. It was a genuine query as to whether you could qualify to teach it elsewhere in order to maximise the available time at the PTT as I appreciate how limited the instructors time is at the moment


Ok. The truth is I actually sympathise with your viewpoint. There are cadets out there at the moment who have flown maybe 3 or 4 AEF sorties, but cannot get blue wings because they don’t have access to a PTT.
The system for some doesn’t work.
The answer is to put the AGS where the AEFs are, then cadets could complete both in a day…!
I appreciate the VGS are already set up from r this, but there’s only a small number of VGS flying cadets.
The new Cmdt 2FTS needs to look at this…!


I also feel that the PTT as it stands is overkill for blue. If we could get a simpler, less expensive version and distribute it on a sector and wing basis we could better prepare cadets for their first flight. Instructors could undertake a simplified course to only deliver blue lessons and PTT. Only then do I think we will have a hope of having things done in the right order.


Hopefully with the change of command at 2FTS some changes can be brought in to help cadets and VGS staff get the most out of the available resources.


This has been raised already. St Athan has both now, and are doing a great job of delivering blue and bronze A training; and Wittering will in future. But of course there are infrastructure implications as the PTTs need a building, support services etc. It does make sense. The reason for choosing mostly former VGS sites for AGS is that of course they already have all this.


The AEF flight need only be “Air Experience” and doesn’t need to cover any of the later sorties.

ACTO 32:

ACTO 31: