Blue wings regs


Would you be able to find a list of what the sorties consist of? I’d like to be able to replicate them on our sim for the new ones who aren’t old enough. Thanks in advance


They’re all in ACTO 31.
I would copy them here but I’ve just switched the PC off and gotten into bed.

It’s all starting with turns, effects of controls, maintaining straight and level flight, etc.

I like the idea of using your SIM to engage those too young, but I’m not sure there’s much training benefit as far as the “approved” sorties go without being able to actually experience the controls. Sadly, few Sqns can afford motion base and control feedback.


Ah right okay. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Here they are:


I’ve been told that there is a 12 month time limit between AEF/Gliding and the PTT module - does anyone happen to know where that is written down??


Perfect thanks a lot.


When we did the PTT we were told the only time limit was that the AEF flight has to be after the introduction of the PTS


We heard the same, which put us in the irritating position of having to prioritise some cadets who had already flown over those who had not if we wanted them to get their blue flying badge (I refuse to call them wings)

I accept that it may since have changed.


Couple of questions on the ‘sorties’.

  1. How do people track what sorties a cadet has flown? There isn’t anywhere in the 3822 or the 2FTS Form 007 where they can be listed or ticked off.

  2. Can multiple sorties be achieved in one flight? Since only ‘sortie 1’ is required for the blue badge, this can obviously be achieved in the one flight, but what about bronze. This requires sortie 2, 3 & 4 and if each sortie requires a separate flight at a AEF, it will take cadets years to accomplish.

  1. It’s recorded by the AEF on this form, which they staple into the 3822.


I’m fairly sure the two boxes for ‘flying training’ is for powered AND gliding. Not just one.


1 AEF might, but not a generic across whole AEF fleet. Shame someone hasn’t come up with that simple idea :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I got something similar if not identical at Kirknewton.


Nope - that is a standard form used across flying. It is 2FTS form 007 and available on SharePoint.

The 2018 version of the F3822 has generic pages (19 & 20) that could hold the same information but the VGS/AEF will probably still staple the extra page into the book - I haven’t been flying since the new books appeared.

My concern is that we need to ensure that SMS can hold the appropriate information and that it is updated (ideally by the VGS/AEF) to form a permanent record. The 007 carried a large risk of that information being lost if the book is damaged.


Not sure about the VGS being able to access it, but all of that information can currently be uploaded onto the sms.


I am pretty certain on my first Chippy flight back in '77 I did 2, 3, 4 and 5 and took control. But this was when we had a proper Air Training Corps and we went flying for “fun” and not to tick boxes.


AEFs don’t have access to SMS.


This needs to be looked at so that records can be updated at the point of delivery. If they manage to implement a document signing process electronically it will be necessary to authenticate the record (as we rely on the fragile paper signatures at the moment.)

We have drifted very far from blue flying badge regs!


One element per sortie… I reckon cadets these days will be lucky to get two or three flights in their entire career.
This seems to be totally pointless for the sake of badging.


Little thought or consultation has gone into the aviation package that exists today.
That along with a lack of education as to how it’s supposed to work to the end user has created a chaotic system. In some parts of the country cadets don’t get to fly, in others cadets don’t have access to PTT and some where it appears cadets have access to both in plenty.
The lack of clarity has meant that individual wings and regions are applying their own criteria and rules.
HQRAFAC and 2FTS need to resolve these issues. Everybody else is working around them at the moment…!