Blue Leadership

Hiya, I’ve been asked to teach Blue Leadership and after looking on the Cadet Training Portal the only form of visual aid is the .iso file. This isn’t really practical as i’m wanting to actually speak through it myself.

Anyone know where to get a powerpoint maybe for it?

I’m afraid it’s just the pointy clicky thing that’s in the ISO now.

It does work fairly well still as instructor-led (as long as you’ve muted it!).

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It really doesn’t need a presentation or any supporting material.
All you really need is a whiteboard and a marker pen then talk through SMEAC with the cadets, then get the practicing by giving them some briefings. Along with actually giving the SMEAC briefing in a clear and concise manner, I find that most cadets struggle to pick out the key details of a scenario.


There’s another version, just click on the link in the cadet training resource portal and it’ll load. :slight_smile:


This is the first course like this the team at HQRAFAC made. We are going through all of our newer format courses and making them easier to use in an instructor environment. There won’t be a voiceover on it and you’ll be able to stop and start it with a keyboard, mouse, clicker or touchscreen. I’ll see if we can get this one pushed up the list, because I appreciate that the voiceover is annoying if you’re teaching this in a classroom. We’ll keep the voiceover version if you want cadets to access this themselves or in small groups. :slight_smile:


That’s perfect! I didn’t realise the online version didn’t have a voice over.

Thank you for the support. :slight_smile:

It does at the moment; it was made during lockdown when no one was parading. But I’ll do a quick interim ‘fix’ for you now to get rid of it. Other stuff like better navigation will come soon.


Is RAFAC still officially using SMEAC then @anon59391077 ? I thought we had moved to SMRLAC?

Done! :slight_smile:
The easier-to-use instructor courses have now been uploaded next to the others.


Probably :rofl:. I’ll check. :slight_smile:

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Why only SMRLAC when you can SMRLACPACE??

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Isn’t that the pit Boba Fett fell into?


Now you’re testing me!

  • Situation
  • Mission (x2)
  • Resources & Roles
  • Limitations
  • Any Questions
  • Check Understanding
  • Plan (or plan formulation)
  • Any questions
  • Check Understanding
  • Execution

It breaks the system in to two elements - the 5Ws and the H. SMRLAC is the task focus element where intent is communicated; it gives people chance to ask the Who, What, Where, When and (most importantly) Why questions. PACE is more focused on “How” - and, again, is followed up with questions. By splitting it, teams (apparently) buy into it more and it produces a more collaborative plan.

Some cadets can barely remember SMEAC, so throwing in them extra letters…




Gold standard, that’s why I didn’t include the PDACE bit, bit much for blue badge. :rofl:

Oh… You missed the D… :eyes:

I think when acronyms become 12 letters long they start to loose the affect of using an acronym to help remember… Never mind the cadets not being able to remember that, I won’t be able to remember that!:scream:


It’s not a single acronym. It’s two separate parts of breaking a breifing down.

It’s a but much for blue leadership. But I was just curious about the SMEAC/SMRLAC component as that was changed by the RAF a few years back.

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What would limitations be? Time constraints?

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When I went on ACLC when I was a cadet (quite a few years ago so abit out of date but still), we were pretty much taught SMEAC, but that the execution was made up of roles and limitations as well as how the task was to be completed.

So pretty much SMRLAC tbf, just didn’t word it like that

I’m sure there’s alot of people on here who have more current experience than me😱

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I believe so, as well as anything else that might add challenge to a command task (maybe a team member has to be blind folded for example)