Best to worst bond.... go

Best to worst james bond…

Timothy Dalton (controversial but boo suxks to you all.
Roger Moore
Danny boy
Ozzy douche

Top 3 bond films.

Living Daylights.
Spy who loved me

Pierce Brosnan was bond when you had to go to the cinema to see it.

I grew up with him as James Bond.

And so is very much “my” 007… and even now, despite the awful things he’s done since, despite being old enough to be my dad, I still have a massive crush on the man and he can do no wrong.

He’s not the best bond, but I fancy the pants off him all the same. #teenagedreams


Not a fan of Pussy Galore then?

Galore or not, no thanks.


Not so sure the alternative ‘nick a bolokov’ would have taken off quite so much…

Not in any particular order but…

Solitaire… in fact, lets just end the list right there.

Anya Amasova
Christmas Jones
Andrea Anders
Xenia Onatopp
Strawberry Fields

One person who we do have to salute now is 007 actor Daniel Craig, who’s just been made an honorary Commander in the RN

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The worst James bond


Look at that awful new uniform

200 (1)


Quiet you!

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Not only are you mostly wrong, but this could be an entire thread! :rofl:

Why does Bond work…

  1. Rough action (fights stunts etc not the other…)
  2. In plausible villains some of which make Dr Evil look credible
  3. Facilities and organisations that would never be able to be kept secret
  4. Operating at such a high end of society you could never fabricate or maintain a cover
  5. Ridiculous gadgets
  6. That much sex with that many amazing women…
  7. …most of whom promptly die afterwards
  8. Seaside innuendo at the drop of a hat (see point 1)

…bur I love it!!!
Martini time

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For me…
The most realistic to how Fleming portrayed Bomd in the books is Daniel Craig…But that doesn’t always make good films.
My best to worst…

David Niven

This was the only good bond

I think all the films are gash


Daniel Craig
Timothy Dalton
Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Pierce Brosnan
Roger Moore

I’m a big fan of the books and for those who always wanted a Bond film that delivered the books Casino Royals was the film we had been waiting for since On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Timothy Dalton was the perfect Bond but a few years too early/young and with too much of his films written for Roger Moore.

I have fond memories of Pierce Brosnan, he was y first cinema Bond but after Tomorrow Never Does the films were just garbage.

When this happened their were cheers in the Cinema.

Roger moore last…


I appear to be alone in this… but I would consider Skyfall to be one of the best bond films…


The best Bond film is Moonraker because the plot is sooooooo over the top, because the villain is soooooo Dr Evil, because Bond is living soooooo far above his means (how much does a Cdr get paid), because Roger Moore is not the best bond and in his 50s when the fil was made. It is pure escapism. it is nothing like real life. But the best part of the film is Jaws living happily ever after…

about £80K Source

but given he is on missions all the time and can expense his travel, accommodation, meals, even his suits, and is given a car and other stuff it isn’t like his monthly expenditure is going to be high