Beret badges

We some very kind responses when we had a big shortage of brassards, but now (same for numerous other sqns in our wg), there is an “inability” to provide beret badges.

We are hoping to get ouir new intake of 30 ready for Remembrance Day parade, but we need 30 beret badges!

If anyone has any spare that they don’t need (or we could re-supply when our order finally arrives), that would be very much appreciated.

I’ve got loads but they won’t be any use to you…

Bar steward!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was going to make exactly the same comment! We’ve got RAF beret badges overflowing from our stores.

Another bar steward!! :crazy_face:


And good luck if you get the newest ones which are super shiny and really really don’t fit

The ones last year were a struggle to fit, these ones are just horrific

We had to get extra holes put into the berets to allow the badges to be fitted

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We’ve been debating doing that we’ve had so many issues. What did you end up using to create the holes. The only reason we haven’t at the moment we were worried about the holes becoming too big.

most did it themselves at home
If they rip and get too big then will have to get new berets - life is too short - more worried about the increase in youngsters who have no control over their bodies.
Marching looks more like a scene from the Walking Dead at the moment


I’m sure there’s a ‘Sir’ at the end of that :rofl:

Aren’t the two interchangeable?

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Well, I called AOC 22 Gp by his first name, so guess what……:smiling_imp: