who is the troller?


And I’ve refuted all of them, at which point you reverted to just saying “it’s the rules, live with it”.

But to re-cap: CBRN is a non issue unless you’re actually carrying your respirator, it’s not unhygienic and the discipline argument makes no sense.

Like when the trend for not having moustaches came along, and the army removed the requirement to have one?


It’s not trolling. It’s called having a personality and banter. Trolling is malicious and pointless. I am not and there is usually a point in there, somewhere.

We all know the raf is at the bottom of the list for decent banter but come on…


It’s not fading to grey. It’s still upheld.

Beards are the current fashion trend, ruined by hipsters and other soft, wet lettuce people who think they are some how lumberjacks because they have a beard and wear a checkered shirt, yet have never done a days hard graft in their chuff.


I haven’t reverted to anything. You failed to see the point.

CBRN can be a point. Take the latest in Salisbury, especially with first responders, or if an operational threat level changes. It’s not always a case that you will get a heads up.

It helps maintain a high level of personal hygiene by having a visual way of seeing if your lads have been maintaining their personal hygiene by having correct morning routine.

Having good morning routine is in turn with having good battle and self discipline in the field. You look after your weapon, your kit and yourself.
Instead of wrapping and dodging things because of “fashion”.

Especially in recruit training.

Moustaches became optional after they changed the regulations. But they still kept beards off, for the whole CBRN, discipline and hygiene thing… what with the appalling living conditions and all, it required a high level of self discipline and routine.

I enjoyed a beard for a small time in the jungle before silently cursing it because it gets honking after a while and is a pain in the hoop. Ironically I couldn’t wait to shave it off when I next had the chance.

So join up, suck it up and crack on.
Or join the Navy.

As for cadet organisations, who cares? Do what you like.


at least something is flying in the RAFAC! :grin:


Don’t tell 2 FTS they’ll ground it.


They could just pause blood pressure in HQAC and 2 FTS?


about 6 weeks should do it - enough to get the burials done and ensure that a full moon has passed.

quicklime is about £10,000 a ton, which sounds a lot, but its only 25p each…


Back on topic. And it isn’t wise to even joke about things like this on here. People have had visits from police for similar.


and nothing tells us more about the quality of the people involved than that.

if it get a visit i’ll let you know.


The problem is when you can’t laugh at yourself, you lose something from your life and if you can’t see people gently poking fun at you, you may as well give up on life.

Christ if I didn’t do something that made people laugh at me either on purpose or otherwise and nor see the funny side (even though I might not admit it) I would need to get over myself. I’ve done and said things to make people think ill of me, but that goes with the territory. Only once did it come to anything, but exchanged some fisticuffs and avoided each other and life went on.

If anyone thinks anyone actually wishes ill of people at HQAC or 2 FTS, then are really are deluded. I just wish for the cadet’s sake, they’d get their fingers out and if they don’t bin 'em. We have suffered for far too long from poor performing people in jobs who couldn’t be removed and wouldn’t go.

Take this discussion around beards. It is blindingly obvious that whether CFAV of all ilks could have one if they wanted, makes little or no difference to who or what we are/do, and joe public wouldn’t care one iota. But if ir was pushed up the chain, it would be a non starter purely on the grounds we seem to get people too locked into their old RAF life, where questioning things seems to be a no no.


You’re telling me that none of the personnel going to Salisbury could have shaved on the way?

As for checking hygeine, there are plenty of other ways. How would you check a Muslim or Sikh’s morning routine? Let’s face it, beards are banned because they were in the past, and the military is full of people who insist on doing things the same way regardless of logic. Your main objection to aloowimg beards seems primarily to be that you don’t like the sort of people who have them.


He would have got away with it too of it wasn’t for those pesky Millennials!


It’s not like all of the non-military responders who were in the hot zone had to shave before they deployed?

Oh wait that’s exactly what all of the Police, SOCO and HART team had to do. (Fire Brigade had gas tight suits so didn’t need to shave the jammy guts!)


It seems obvious to me that military (and, by extension, quasi-military) personnel should all be permitted to wear (tidy) facial hair as a personal preference on the understanding that they will need to shave when deployed to a task that requires the use of a respirator.

Clearly for our lot that caveat will never occur.



Even if some of those wearing beards happen to be vegetarians.


the same is arguably already said about head hair…standards will slip day-to-day and SAC Johnny is overlooked for being half a week too late to get a haircut, but he’ll have it sorted for the next formal parade he’s on


It depends on the type of gas tight suit. Some require Self contained breathing apparatus wore with it and require a seal.


Time spent shaving is better spent on battle prep.

A hasty shave with a bic bought in a motorway service station, you dig out with that one lofty.

If you want to grow a beard, convert or join the navy.

No one actually cared until this millennial generation started kicking off about it. Ripped jeans are fashionable, you don’t see anyone kicking off at the dress regs for that.

Maybe if people concentrated on being decent soldiers first rather than chopsing off about the latest fashion, oh hang on yea you Cadet lot, crack on with whatever you want.