I’ve been on many things and we aren’t specifically invited and not the only youth group in attendance. The fact we look smarter is nothing to do with the regs, just the clothes and gentle nagging. Our Mayor is a council decided thing and done in camera, it’s not and never has been a public event.

We need to lose the sense and stop kidding ourselves we are something special, we aren’t and haven’t been since various defence reviews and MOD cuts. We were in many ways the premier youth organisation, when the RAF was able to and seemed willing to support us, as we had access to things many didn’t. But today, no.

The RAF pays us a lip service wrt uniform and has done for years, although it has got worse. It’s expected to last a lifetime and doesn’t come in the small sizes we need for new cadets.


Horses for courses then - it’s certainly been my experience.


But the point on this is it’s the same uniform they wear and they don’t care it’s crap, so why should they care that we think it’s crap?


Guys. We’re talking about beards.


Arguably, we are talking about fashion trends, it just happens to be beards.

Lads were allowed to grow their hair out for tours of Northern Ireland for PERSEC, not fashion.

Want to grow a beard? Convert or join the Navy.

Cadets, crack your own. As long as its neat.


Or we could just challenge the ridiculous rule that says we’re not allowed one.


There would be a fear that everyone would grow one, but what % of CIs have beards of some description?
There are lots of things we’re allowed to do by law, but how many of us do it?


In the interest of equality will the girls be allowed to wear
beards and mustaches too?


Hopefully they will be allowed to, yes.
Though the Peoples Front of Judea springs to mind!


It’s a good job that baldness isn’t subject to regs… :wink:


i have a beard - i’m a CI - i take enormous delight in stroking it, playing with it, and making it as bushy as possible in order to set the twitch off amongst the tedious classes.

infact i went to some awful wing AT meeting/briefing thing populated by tedious people who would make good fillers for a mass grave - and in their honour i had my beard forked in the style of Tolkiens Dwarves, i even discovered that you can get beard adornments, rings to thread your beard through and little bead things.

this has started a new counter culture…

this, i can happily report dear readers, has set blood presures flying.




If you are bald, could you have beard and just say your hair’s slipped round to the bottom.


one is reminded of Obelix, who - if asked if he was not a little portly - would sniffily reply that his chest had slipped a bit, thats all…


Not in the ACO it can’t.


It’s not a ridiculous rule. I have given you numerous reasons.

It’s a fashion trend. That is all. If the dress regs changed for every stupid trend, where would we be?

Yea I would have wanted to crack a beard, and I loved it in the jungle. But I just got on with it. Who cares.


You bigot. Don’t you know gender fluid people can have beards too. Stop your oppression…


Well, I think the acronym DILLIGAF is appropriate here…

No offence meant or inferred :wink:


Ignore him. He’s trolling. Again. Apparently each progressively longer ban doesn’t put him off though :thinking:


It is ridiculous in the context of a youth organisation where the staff have an increasingly tangential relationship with the regular forces. Where even there the black and white stance on full beards is fading to grey.
And how are beards a trend? I know you think my generation has come up with a lot of guff ideas, but beards are nothing new. I hear even the Vikings had them!