Baseline Personnel Security Standard for MOD Staff


Surely you’ll already have SC… So share your SC with RAFAC and bingo


Believe it or not each establishment and organisation has the right to ask anyone to undergo a BPSS.

I have had to process RN serving Commanders through a BPSS in order for them to gain a pass to access our site (also MOD). All so they could have regular access to the meetings concerning their project!

Don’t get the hump, it’s a simple form and doesn’t take long.


Ahh! But then they are being paid to faff around going too/from various people, bringing proof of ID etc. There’s a recognition from MoD folk that this happens. Even when I was in doing this stuff it was accepted process and we didn’t care as we were getting paid regardless.

In contrast, volunteers are expected to phone WgHQ in office hours to see where isnl convienent for them to do a BPSS check, take said convienent time for WgHQ (normally a morning/afternoon) off work, drive to their WgHQ (up to 2 hours drive for some volunteers), hand over documents for an ID check (20-30mins of form filling), drive back, go back to work.

Having sat on both sides of the MOD fence with regards SC, I was a damn sight happier being paid to sit around whilst the MOD chases its tail doing administrative nonsense, then I am taking time off paid employment to do it.

But, in the words of a WExO, “its okay, you can pick up the mail when you’re here and save us some money in postage”.


And this is the reason (given lack of justification provided for the extra admin) I’ve just said I’m not renewing my MOD90 and thus I’m no longer supporting anything that will require access with one…

Seems the FAQ is nonsense and unsurprisingly the avenue that requires more work for the volunteers is the one we have to take


Our WHQ came to our Wing Conference and strongly recommended that all attendees completed the BPSS, as a result the vast majority of my staff have completed.

Just mine & the Padre’s outstanding.

Some WHQs will work to help, others are full of standard civil servants who don’t care past 1600 (1500 on a friday)


Its getting out of hand a BPSS is only to prove you are who you say you are. It’s not security vetting anyone holding a MOD pass including MOD 90 should of had one done on joining even as part of their Access NI/DBS process


This was my argument and noone seems able or willing to explain why we are having to do it all again or whether it is affecting the RAF or CS as well.


The problem is that the RAF have already been doing it.
They now realise that we haven’t and as it is the basis for all subsequent clearance we are having to get a wriggle on.

Those of us in uniform will still have to go through the SC clearance (those who haven’t already done it), but that assumes that identity has already been confirmed (and in fact requires the sponsor to confirm that BPSS has been carried out).

Without confirmation of identity all subsequent checks are meaningless… If Joe Bloggs is dodgy so he gets a fake ID and steals John Smith’s identity, then all subsequent checks are carried out on John Smith, who is clean.
Dodgy Joe then gets a security clearance.

Now, the question as to why BPSS is the only acceptable identity check and the old BSVR (as we used to do) isn’t is another matter.
I’ve no idea why - but it is what it is.


See I haven’t got a problem with our CI’s having to do this as long as they are ultimately given an ID that lets them into camp unescorted! It’s ridiculous that at the moment cadets who don’t have BPSS have unescorted access to stations and staff don’t. (I’ve had to send a Cadet to a Wing Climbing Session on a Station as the escort for the staff running the activity!)


Quite right.


It’s ridiculous that non-uniformed staff can hold the same (or higher) level of security clearance as uniformed staff but still not be allowed onto a station on their own.


It’s ridiculous that Cadets who hold no clearance can escort them on the basis of a book signed by me!


The direction has come from the RAF as they have realised that just because a CFAV holds a MOD90 doesn’t mean they have been cleared. As for RAF and CS, everyone is SC cleared.


So does that mean that Cadets will no longer be allowed on camp unescorted or even as escorts, as if not the whole thing is pointless.


A cadet should never been used as a escort full stop. Example a Male CI needs to go to sgts mess toilet, cadets are not permitted into sgts mess or another example a member of staff mon.passhold is given an escorted pass, you cant go into loo with them as they use loo or lights out, once in bed you have no way of watching the escorted pass person, you can only hope they have gone to bed and sleeping. Any person who needs access to a base should have security vetting full stop, cadets should be issued with a ID type card to wear at all times on a base. I.mean you can buy F3822 anywhere


Never found a Camp where Cadets were required to have a pass of any sort and had them put down as escorts for staff left right and centre. (Albeit usually on day trips so all JRM and specific facilities such as a climbing wall or AEF.)

This is where the whole system is broken, the CI’s should have a MOD90 they have exactly the same status as the rest of us!


Been involved with cadets 20+years. Have never ever seen a cadet issued ID by a station, apart from a car pass if they’ve driven on.


I was issued with a pass at Fylingdales quite a while back. I suppose it will be down to each station to decide their level of security.


WRT proving who we are.
We do a DBS which requires us to prove who we are which can be checked against govt databases, so why we have to fanny around with this to prove how we are baffles me. I’ve got my last 4 DBS without a passport, just a driving licence, so why this needs a passport is beyond me.
It intrigues me with the references needed, “someone of standing in the community”. How many cadets becoming staff let alone new staff will be able to tick those boxes? Given ex-cadets at 20 they’ll be out of anything where anyone “of standing” will have known them for a minimum 3 years, as I say many adults will fall foul of that. Then as I say passports, I know more people without passports than those with, mostly as they like me don’t feel the need to travel abroad.
Go to a doctor etc and they’ll sign anything as long as you cough up sufficient dough and they won’t have “regular” contact, unless seeing you every year or whatever is regular contact.


Will you not of known the ex cadets for 3 years…