Baseline Personnel Security Standard for MOD Staff


Hello there,

I am just checking if civil servant has already done an BPSS and is SC cleared, do they need to a BPSS again to become a member of staff with the RAFAC?

As I don’t want to waste peoples time and resources if they don’t need to undertake this when I have already being in the MOD.




Most likely as the checks only cover history and depending on how long your BPSS has been in place your circumstances could have changed.


No, if you have a running active SC or DV you can have that shared across.


But be proactive and ensure it happens that way! A few years ago one of our staff had his clearances downgraded - causing lots of grief at work!!!


I may be being thick, but BPSS?


Baseline Personnel Security Standard. It’s the new Basic Check.


Crumbs @baldrick if you haven’t heard of this you are in for a shock! Its the ultimate adminers dream.
Our wexo is making a right meal out of it. Only they can interview and sign off new candidates.

Have had 3 new CIs leave because they were told by wing to travel at own expense 50 miles to WHQ for the interview for BPSS.

Nightmare. F total nightmare.


BPSS replaced BSVR


This proves how idiotically this has been implemented… In our Wing it’s only uniformed CFAV who need to do BPSS.


Not anymore, new rules have come in. Read IBN 012/18.


an interview for BPSS - thats BS - BPSS has been around for years and years fill out the form job done - I have to do one every time I start a new contract even with SC…


The SC or DV can be shared, I don’t think the BPSS can though.


What would be the point of doing a BPSS when you have a higher SC or DV clearance


None whatsoever.

There are however some people out there who think that BPSS is a “must tick” box for everyone.
These people have probably misunderstood (at some level in the chain) the message from above. As you rightly say - an SC or DV checks the same information and more.
Fortunately, there has been some recent clarification which clearly states that those with a current security clearance are not required to go through BPSS.

(Though, I won’t be surprised to find that people are still pushing for it… I’ve already heard of one person be told that their DV isn’t acceptable because “it’s not through the MOD”. That’s absolute nonsense. DV is DV.)


Actually RAFAC hasn’t been following the BPSS route, it’s been BSVR. And RAFAC is now having to follow RAF policy on this.


Ah, this must be that “you’re not in the RAF, you’re a CFAV with a Cadet Forces Commission” rule working well again.


It’s ALL new CFAV applicants, any non-SC cleared uniformed staff who are replacing their F90s and any individual applying for SC for the first time or on its 10 year expiry. Also, ALL Bader users (apart from Ultilearn) have to have BPSS as a minimum. It’s in Bader SyOps, so I’m sure you’re all aware of that anyway. Therefore, any CFAV who isn’t BPSS shouldn’t be accessing Bader and should have their access withdrawn. Them’s the rules…


Seems pretty clear to me, my bold…


Considering those who have never needed it before - how to collapse a system overnight!


I know for a fact that a certain wing within North Region is going above this completely and insisting every person going into uniform has SC clearance before having wing boards/interviews. No SC = No uniform.