Baseline Personnel Security Standard for MOD Staff


Can I just get this clear, if a member of uniformed CFAV holds a valid SC and is applying for a MOD90 they don’t need to complete a new BPSS?


No as SC is higher… and will be becoming the norm for all F90 holders as per other holders.

But BPSS is required to obtain SC in the future



So when you say in the future? Is this the requirement that is currently in place? So you’ll need SC and a BPSS?


Incorrect… when applying for a new MOD90 you need to complete a new BPSS. See the IBN.


Not quite correct.
BPSS is more of a HR check and rather than a Security clearance as explained here on page 6.

For more sensitive posts there are an additional range of security controls, collectively
referred to as National Security Vetting (NSV). These controls are not a substitute for
the BPSS (which, apart from the unspent criminal record check, should be carried out
beforehand) and must only be applied where they are necessary, proportionate and
add real value.

Of course our IBN and other policy should be followed rather than the guidance in this document.


Q – If a CFAV holds a current SC and needs to apply for a new ID card, is a BPSS required before application?

A – No. If they have been with you for some time and have gone through the SC process there is no need to redo the BPSS checks.


Eugh…I should read…now to tackle my WHQ


Aah… Reducing the admin burden on Squadron Staff!!
If it needs to be done, can’t it all be done at once and flood the higher approval bureaucrats to show the consequences of making such a wide ranging policy decision!


I think the IBN appears to contradict itself on occasion.


True, so I’m going to go with the interpretation which causes me least work.


Not in place currently, our vetting was years out of date and we are playing catch up.

The station commander as the DDH for the station let’s us on as we have a F90 and they therefore believe that we hold SC (this is a standard requirement for all othe F90 holders)

Once the BPSS backlog is cleared, the move for all uniformed staff and therefore F90 holders will be SC… suspect second half of this year. Some WHQs are getting ahead of the curve so they don’t need to conduct the visual check if docs twice.

This may help understand why the CI Membership Card is not allowing access into stations, but could change if it required SC and became an ID card… perhaps call it an F90


i believe it was never an aim or intention for the membership card to allow such privilege…


So we may have to go through this process twice!?!?!:roll_eyes:


What’s the issue here no one should have access to any base untill their ID has been checked and they hold either CTC OR SC, its been the practice in NI that all staff Uniform or Non Uniform hold SC full stop


What happens if you already hold a MOD90 MOD employee version. Will you still need to do BPSS for a CFAV MOD 90?


I would think it should only be a case of showing your MOD staff card


I think that NI is a special case though.


Two different ID cards for two different roles. I have SC, not through MOD, does that mean I can use my ‘other’ ID card, no.

You should use the relevant ID card for the work you are undertaking. Trying to use civvie ID card no RAFAC business, you might (and should) get questioned why and what you are doing there.


@Mozza663 will be better placed to answer but

if someone holds a MOD90 “employee” but not a MOD 90 “RAFAC” then I would assume they are a CI

as a CI they need to show some form of valid ID to get access to a RAF station, such as a passport or drivers licence, they may also wish to flash their membership card as proof of purpose.

flashing a MOD90 “employee” is just another form of ID which substitutes the passport or DL.

when my MOD90 expired and i was waiting for the replacement to come through, i carried with my copy of the SC clearance and was permitted access with this several times before my MOD90 arrived.

CIs can do the same…in Mozza’s example rather than flash a copy of SC clearance print out they can flash an MOD90 “employee”

Personally I had a handful of occasions to legitimately enter an MOD station not on RAFAC business and offered both my DL and MOD90 as ID - on all occasions my MOD90 was seen as acceptable


I think the point was missed What happens if you already hold a MOD90 MOD employee version. Will you still need to do BPSS for a CFAV MOD 90?
The point asked was an emplyee of the MOD required to undergone BPSS with cadets, my view is no as that’s been done as part of his employment before hes issued with an MOD pass. Having held an MOD civil pass I have been able to access any MOD base, I mean staff get posted at short notice or can be asked to cover other bases. I know what the rules say about ID cards but theres an example. Mr/Mrs X works as a mod employee at RAF Twitter land, in that camp there is a ATC SQN snd they vol as a CI. CIs outside NI dont get issued with a pass, so there for Mr/Mrs X would be expected to go to the guard room provide ID and gain an escorted pass for a camp they work in day in and out and have access to.