Bader Units Rollout

Is there any way for me, a staff cadet (who does most of the day-to-day admin) to get onto Units? I only have the sqn generic account as not on an exec role.


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It’s being worked on :slight_smile:

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At the rate things are done I’ll probably have commissioned by the time it’s done aha

What do you consider to be the day to day admin you do, and what do you believe you need Units for?

I’m a Training Officer and can’t currently enrol any cadets for any exams…

(Have flagged via the report feature)

Assigning exams, our SMS records are massively out of date so looking at what events people have been on so I can make sure those are all up to date. Things like that

We are waiting for the Appointments Module to be launched which should allow OC’s to adjust permissions for each CFAV.

I could previously though which is what I don’t understand.

(Plus surely some permissions should be default like exams for training officers?)

@MRAR can you email Helpdesk, should be a simple fix for them

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Appointments, or at least the Rank Change module of Appointments, is now live on Units!


Does anyone know what is currently live in the rollout for Units?
Trying to do some background research on it. Thanks

Currently within Units you can:

  • View a Staff Applicant’s progress through the joining process
  • View Cadet & Staff Personal details
  • View Cadet & Staff Service Summary
  • View Cadets & Staff Events & Learn/Ultilearn training course log
  • Rank Change requests seem to be live (not tested it myself)
  • Management of and view results of Learn exams
  • Uploading and viewing Unit Downloads and Training Programmes
  • Tracking of staff mandatory training and service extensions

All the above is with the caveat of you having the permissions to view it.


Thank you - will speak to my OC about getting some staff on it.

All unit staff should have access to units.

The appointments module is being released before the end of the year which will allow the OC to appoint staff in to specific roles on the unit which in turn will set any permissions they need on the platform.

How to guide and short introductory how to videos will be released too.


Will those changes carry over to SMS or will that still need to be done via Bader PoCs?

Not immediately, because SMS is driven by role accounts and we don’t want to automatically reassign role mailboxes without giving the Bader POC the chance to check in with the current role holder that any data they don’t want to transfer has been removed.

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