Bader Units Rollout

Bader Units was rolled out to North Region on 30th August 2022 and the rollout plan can be found here

So as we come to the end of the first 2 weeks, all our North Region friends, what do you think of it?


Love how all the other dates are TBC!

Despite being in North, as I don’t have a role account, I can’t see anything when I login.

I’m not sure if that’s deliberate or if that’s the an error, though, as the comms I’ve seen don’t explain it.

It’s on the main bader landing page.

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? what is? Units? yes there is a link to Units on the Bader Landing Page.

Your OC needs to allocate your a role within Units, details on this are here - Appointments

But that article doesn’t explain why someone without a role can’t see anything?
I would have thought all staff would be able to see the Training Program and Unit Downloads stuff?

All permissions are role based… no role no permissions

Can OCs assign roles ahead of units being rolled out? Or is that a specific function within units?

OC’s can request roles be assigned by bader poc, it officer, or wing most staff

Specific function within units

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Don’t think they can. Bader Role accounts are not the same as Units Appointments.

news to me :laughing:

Blank template of a page for me and it says Welcome nickname and a nice 404 error when I click my profile. As you can tell, I’m a minion without a role :joy:

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Any Sqn OC’s or other Exec Roles around and fancy commenting? :smile:

What happens to all those made up Wing Appointments not aligned to ACP20 that most Wings have to mask non delivery


They disappear! :laughing:
No more “Deputy Wing Tiddlywinks Officer”


My life dream in tatters


There’s nothing cushy about life in the Deputy Tiddlywinks world.

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It will be interesting to see how project officers are represented in Units.

I was led to believe they get stood up for a period of time to do a project and then stand down when the project is complete, i.e. organising competitions day etc.

Under the current implementation, aren’t all WSO posts just a promotion for 4-8 totally uncountable years on a publicly subsidised ego trip? WSOs usually being those that find the idea of running (or even existing on) a squadron abhorrent and so are elevated beyond such responsibility.