Bader Tip of the Week

You can stay up-to-date with RAFAC policy and IBN’s by setting up alerts on SharePoint.

To be notified when new RAFAC Announcements are posted, log in to SharePoint, click on “RAFAC Announcements” then open the three-day menu and click on “Alert Me”.

Alert Me will give you various options to allow you to receive immediate email notifications, or daily / weekly summaries.

What tips have you got?


On the same vein as your tip, I recommend going to the Key Documents section and follow the same process but click weekly summary. For me this means every Friday afternoon it’ll email with what documents have been updated and/or added!


Be advised alerts show any change not just material ones. So if admin bod moves the file, corrects a typo et al or does something of no interest, you get an email and think "ooo I’ll have a look at that " and be extremely disappointed.
I used alerts in the early days and just got a massive inbox and extremely frustrated trying to see what had changed. Eventually RIPd the alerts and now just wait for something to come through to say something worth being concerned about has been changed


This is why using summery is advantageous. Then for announcements you can set it to one email each day. So if an announcement is added then edited 12 times you only get 1 email still!

Orrrrrrrrr our professional permenant staff could communicate properly




Or you could change the Alert to be “only when new items are added” :wink:

But that could be a comma or full stop. I don’t think the system is intelligent enough to distinguish between changes.
But given previous experience … once bitten and all that.

Just set the alert as above, but noticed there was no way of editing the email it wanted to use: it wanted to use the extension instead of the new one…

I might just be being thick - but can’t find how to do this in key docs - I can’t see the burger menu anywhere?

EDIT: Being thick, found it.

How did you change it, can’t see how to update to the right email on alerts

Haven’t worked that but out I’m afraid!

No need to actually change it. It’ll work with the old email.

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Move your Form to a Group

The best news is that the Sqn Team created back in March 2020 is automatically a group

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Perhaps time for a full-blown FAQ, but what’s the difference between a Team and a Group?

A Group is a collection of individual accounts which exists behind the scenes in MS365 and is used in various areas of the apps. Sharepoint can use groups for permissions. MS Forms can use groups to give ownership/admin access to a form, &c.

A Team exists only within MS Teams. It uses a group to assign its members and through MS Teams the members of that group get a place to collaborate - shared documents, shared chat, &c.
Think of MS Teams as just a front end to what is really going on in the background. It’s basically a simplified alternative to using a full SharePoint site.

A group can exist without a Team, but a Team will always have a group backing it up.

Ah, Microsoft committing the most heinous of crimes (imho) there by overloading the word Teams in mightly similar contexts

SOP for Microshaft… Several different products that achieve slightly different elements of basically the same thing in totally different ways. It’s because they keep buying out the competition.

Just started using Planner on the Sqn Team :heart_eyes:


Tell me how, oh might oracle…

Only two staff members are using the sqn team, even though I’ve added all the personal accounts.