Bader Squadron Management System v5

SMS v5 releases tomorrow afternoon!

The release notes for SMS v5 have been published at…/S…/SMS-5.0-Release-Notes.aspx (you will need a Bader account to access this link).

The notes will tell you all about the new features and functionality that SMS v5 offers.

It will be tomorrow afternoon assuming that all goes to plan :slight_smile:

ACTO 10 will go live concurrently with the release and should be available in RAFAC Key Documents tomorrow as well.

New e-learning course for SMS is available which will take you through the Event Management side of things which is the major change in this version.

Happy to answer general questions on here but the Bader Service Desk should be used to report any major issues that you experience following the release :slight_smile:


How will the closure of open events effect events that straddle the time frame? For example a Squadron FT Extended Footprint, the event will have commenced but isn’t yet complete?

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Is that live for all, or still a selection of Sqns only?

SMSv5 goes live for the whole ATC from tomorrow.

They will be left alone :slight_smile:

Live for all - SMS v5 will be accessible across the ATC from tomorrow afternoon (assuming nothing goes wrong).

Cadet Portal is taking a phased approach for very good reasons but this is specifically about SMS.

Correct! :smiley:


With regard to updating primary, secondary email and phone number. Is that to prepare for when Cadet portal reaches us in January? Or for when SMS is Live 2moro?

On a packed train so apologies for not reading it properly :upside_down_face:

That is to prepare for cadet portal.

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Eh? Why is that recorded as an Event on SMS?

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So that risk assessments etc can be added.
ESFs now need Gp Cpt sign off.

Once signed off Sqn commanders can self authorise activities within acfti level on esf without further sms approval.
Unless specifically required by the acfti. E.g. overnight etc

OK - but surely stuff like that would be better recorded on something like Sharepoint, in a folder called approved ESFs, or even a list with approval turned on, with all the documentation co-located…? Seems like a misuse of SMS tbh.

Best of luck for today @james_elliott and the Bader team.





How’s it going so far?

Good but running a little behind - keep a weather eye on your email.

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Excuse email 1 received…

Need SMS for tonight’s parade.

Not to be a miserable git, but why couldnt this be done from 2300 to 0300… not right before a parade evening.

It’s not my parade evening :partying_face:

This is the Civil Service, that time rollout would require overtime / toil and then lack of coverage during normal hours.

We roll out our updates at work during the day, it’s when we are in, but our infrastructure doesn’t require downtime for us to do this :man_shrugging:

For all of the reasons listed above for a start. Try and remain calm and maintain some perspective - there is one developer doing the work and he has asked for a little patience and humility. Also, Wednesday was selected because it causes the least impact across the Corps. It is also only 1700 hrs and I don’t think your parade night has begun…


Monsieur Elliot, with all this typing you have done, I’m guessing you have zero ridges on your fingers…just between me and you I think that bank job would be a doddle, you know with you having no finger prints left :smiley:

I think people have plenty of notice about the time frame of no SMS so I’d not stress, we only log into SMS for printing a register off and that’s 7pm onwards. How did the old brigade cope before SMS?


In summary :wink: #selftrolling

The wait will be worth it :slight_smile:…after all, we have been waiting for this long to get it out the door, so a few more hours won’t stop the organisation from functioning (on a Wednesday ;))


Yay. The ‘it’s not my parade night / doesnt affect me Guv’ brigade have spoken.
Alternatively, realise this sort of thing does affect people.

If the advertised time is 1200 til 1600 then it should be complete in that time.
Else in future say SMS will be unavailable on 25th-26th sept. Or what ever time frame.

I know the bader man is doing his best etc etc.

Doesnt make it ideal.

Btw, in the ‘old days’ we didnt need seperate permissions for a sports night or to file things electronically. Or even an electronic register.

So in short, things were much much simpler.