Bader Memory: 2GB!

Anyone else noticed that the new webmail for bader has a 2GB memory capacity!

Praise Jebus!

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I wouldn’t call that “memory”

Storage? [Fills for character limit.]

The outlook back end software has been upgraded it looks. The mail storage will be dropped to the existing limit when they have finished i bet. No way can everyone have 2Gb accounts. The amount of storage space would be hugely expensive.

Mine are looking like 150MB

I’ve not been migrated yet :frowning: and still showing 150MB.

If we were to migrate to Office365 we’d all have mailboxes with 50GB available

The way things are going though, surely 150mb is not sustainable? Sometimes it seems like I receive 10% of that in a day!

Still it’s far better than the old 40mb limit. That was a joke.

Am I being daft…where does it show the storage capacity in the new layout?

Click on the Cog in Top Right Corner, Select options.

Expand the general tab, and select My Account.

Mailbox usage is show here

Aha! Mine is also showing 2GB.

Back to 153.6MB… Fiddlesticks. (Apparently we can’t say ‘boogar’)

Still setting pretty with 2GB :smiley:

Still 2 GB here too…

And me! 2GB.

Seems a lot though!

You’re all gits. (CHARACTERS)

Someone at Bader has finally realised that the Update of Mail Platforms changed mailbox limits, now we have all been reverted back to 153.6MB causing email chaos as no one can send.

Where is the communication and forewarning so that we can be prepared and suffer no loss of service!!

Anyway back to moving emails into an archive that is stored locally on my PC :frowning: heaven forbid the day we get online archiving.

Funny - I have just finished sorting out that precise issue on my PC.
Nothing on Bader home page. nothing on twitter.

They are just making work from themselves.

They have replied to some peoples comments on Twitter, but no formal announcement.

But they are “only” reverting the settings to the previous policy, we should have been playing by the rules that were set, rather than what the conditions allowed.

What a bunch of amateurs!

Does anyone know how to set up bader email to Microsoft Outlook?
I can only see a guide for mobile phones…