Bader email on iOS

Before the migration to 365 I had email to the outlook app. Since the migration I have been unable to set it up. I get authentication errors if I try Ofiice365 and various other errors for other options. Is there a how-to anywhere of can anyone point me in the direction of getting it working?

You will have to use a different email app to make it work, helpdesk did send this out prior to the migration that the iOS and Android email clients wouldn’t work with 365

Have a look in this thread more info on email clients Office365 Migration - how's it going?

I read that thread already, it doesn’t relate to iOS at all. Also, the mail that went out before the migration specifically stated the app that would be required was the Outlook one, which is the one I am having issues with…

Outlook app on iOS works fine

Try deleting any ATC accounts in the app and add your Bader acc afresh

Outlook app is the best way forward. If you had it on before the migration you have to delete and re-add.

Solved it. The Microsoft authenticator app was the issue, uninstalled that and it worked first time.