AV MED 1 and F6424 Changes and Procedures

Heads up - there is v.5 of the RAFAC AV Med Form 1 just issued…

Still with huge issues with printing that I had to correct - unusual selections for the margin selections - saving as PDF made no difference.

The main point:

ADHD / autism now = F6424 procedure - same in several other areas - OC cannot authorise fitness.

Worth publicising, especially in light of late notice slots?

Urgh. Wonder which way GPs will read this. I can think of a few young people who will read this as “suspected - awaiting CAMHS”.

Given CAMHS are currently working on 24-36 month waiting lists, there’s potentially going to be some sad cadets.

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When did the traffic light system come in?

There might be some sad cadets, but it is the safest option. It has to be up to a medical professional to make these sort of decisions, not random CFAVs.

I’ve seen multiple near-miss/DASORs relating to cadets having incidents in the cockpit related to this sort of thing. I’m guessing that’s why this has been changed.

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Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the reason for it.

However, with neuro diversity - specifically the ASD label - it covers a very broad spectrum which isn’t necessarily reflected adequately with a tick box.

I’m hoping the new AV form comes with adequate guidance that GPs can make an informed decision of what they are ticking…

Edited to add; are other NDs listed? ODD for example??

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Putting things in perspective, I would hazard a guess that if a cadet hasn’t had to see a cadet for some time, then a CFAV who sees the cadet on a regular basis twice a week, is going to have a much better / objective opinion about that the cadet can or can’t do.

A 10 min appointment / assessment with a GP proves very little in some cases.

I was lucky that I cross-checked the forms - we have a short notice gliding slot this month, & I was starting on the admin faff this evening. Av Med Form changed on Mon this week, no announcement that I can see - form validity is stated as 3 months, I hope cadets don’t get taken gliding (no AEF currently of course) & the VGS turn them down as the Av Med From is the wrong version…

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Are the GPs charging for these forms as they are not required normally or is the RAFAC paying? Much like medicals for driving licences etc?

Someone mentioned about £60? Don’t know if that is a standard charge or not. No specific fee outlined on the F6424. Think HGV licence medical is about £75 - but GPs seemingly can charge what they want - although there is BMA guidance.

I thought cadets were able to claim the money back… or is that just for scholarships?

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Cadets don’t pay anything. A claim form is endorsed by WHQ which the cadet gives to their GP who then sends it directly to accounts at Cranwell for payment. It’s a standard fee and the form doesn’t allow the practice to state a particular amount.


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That only works if your WHQ signs the form beforehand (like theyre meant to)… not just tell you to print them and give them to the cadet, then send them the form with the reciept… :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, this is an example of policy and reality not being aligned. Certainly around here many GPs won’t sign without payment in advance and don’t much care about what RAFAC policy states as it has no sway nor authority over their work.

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If you had a GP on sqn staff, could they provide that service on sqn?

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If they’re a good GP, they wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t have full access to the cadet’s medical records to make an informed, professional opinion. If anything were to go wrong, they’d be without a paddle.


If only the NHS gave them MMLs!

The NHS doesn’t do Making Me Laugh sections?

I hadn’t spotted the previous change until a certain OC AEF pointed it out to me!

He was one of the ones pushing back on it and personally I agreed with it.

Of our 3 most recent 6424s, 2 had no issues with the concept and one didn’t even request payment.

We had one liaise with the given internal medical contact for advice. Considering it boils down to “can they drive a car?”, which is a judgement most experienced GPs should be familiar with, I’m not sure how much of an issue this is. Records can be pretty detailed with these conditions and a GP can be regularly involved historically; that makes up for the appointment time. It’s not a completely new and blind assessment of someone.

Also, why is this form still a bloody excel worksheet? It always prints awkwardly! Would be much better as a PDF with editable boxes so that it always prints nicely to a double page!


Last I checked, we’re in 2023. Why isn’t this form a digital document that automatically updates squadron & AEF records?


For a 13-15 yr old cadet, I hope not! :wink: How on earth can a GP assess this - cadet is sitting quietly in the chair, with a parent / guardian. No activity in progress, maybe some spoken engagement, or walk around in the GP’s surgery for 10 secs. Pointless exercise.

Thankfully, flying / gliding is not a daily exercise - it took me just under 2 hrs yesterday having picked up on the changes, checking the differences, notifying a parent by email that “things had changed” etc.

Also, I wonder how many parents / guardians will make a revision to a cadet’s 3822 status to get round this??

Pre-approval of F6424? Not going to work in the timescale I have to work with - 17 Aug slots. Should I ask for a stock of pre-signed forms from Wg? Admin nightmare.

You can ask for your medical notes - free - for FAC medical aspects, some GPs will not action the medical request, so external providers have to be used (for a fee of course).