Australian SSN

I was very interested to read this morning that the Aussies have:

a) Signed a new Defence pact with the UK and US.

b) Agreed in principle to buy/build Nuclear Submarines.

c) Are basically tearing up a contract worth
$50Billion with the French to build Diesel/Electric Submarines.

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So all in all it sounds like Australia is on the up and up.

More importantly does that mean we will get Tim tams over here soon?

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Can’t you just buy Tim Tams on the internet anyway and have them shipped to you? As I have managed to buy Gob Stoppers off Amazon yet can never find them in store.

Tim Tam Original Chocolate Biscuit 200 g, TIMTAMS1

Interestingly AUS is in the midst of renewing its armour capabilities and are ramping up manufacturing. They’re deploying a recce version of Boxer, Hanwha’s K9 SPG and they have down selected to Hanwha’s IFV and the German Lynx.

There is a trade to be done as those are all items on the UK’s shopping list.

Good to see you’ve engaged in a grown up discussion on the politics of the South Pacific and the threat posed by China. :roll_eyes:


The French defence minister was not happy at all about third. Accusing the Aussies of acting like Trump

Surely the French knew they were taking the Mickey with the price? $50Billion for 12 boats, they could get 36 Virginia Class for that money!

Grime a trade point of view survey we are in a good place to sell them Astute, yes the ya is are building 2 Virginia Class each year but their own programme to replace the 688 boats is nowhere near complete yet.

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If by acting like trump means behaving like a proper business who won’t put up with abject failure then yeah…

France has messed these submarines up big style and they expected no response so tough! Australia is right to do what they are doing.

Interesting when Australia was considering the french subs they were looking at the astute class but the government at the time said no, now time will tell what’s going to happen.

Something I have been looking at and wondering….
New Zealand
Their Anzac class frigates are coming to the end of their life span like Australia but they are seeming opting to replace them with Patrol ships

Given the closeness of Australia and New Zealand in military procurement over the last number of decades are they now going their own ways?

I think the Kiwi’s are just taking the mick, ever since then and Australia signed a mutual defence pact they have just completely withdrawn and seem content To leave it all to Australia.


I would agree with that, I don’t know if it’s a clash of governments or a new foreign policy outlook

Won’t build them here, no space in build program at BAE :roll_eyes:

UK could help behind the scenes :man_shrugging:t2:

My instincts tell me…

Astute class built in Australia
Reactor from the US though
Sonar etc uk
Weapons US and UK

One main thing mentioned was the fact they were planning on building the submarines in Australia.
That’s not to say though one of ours that’s ordered isn’t handed over for build and operational experience to Australia and a replacement ordered

Quite different directions.
NZ has divested of fast jets and heavier armour. AUS is investing in these areas (and its Navy) and they seem to be good at procurement and getting a slice of the work for their industry.
NZ (allegedly) used the funds freed up by retiring their fast air in part to pay for the NZLAV APC, which they are now trying to get rid of.

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I’m assuming that when the last 2 Astutes are done the Yards will be busy with the Dreadnoughts?

I think some of the delays with the French programme were based around Australian requirements that lots be sourced locally, so a locally built Astute makes some sense.

I saw a theory online that they Americans might provide them with a couple of 688 boats on loan for training and work ups as it will be several years before whatever they buy is available.


The fact it upset the French and the EU seems like a win to me.


BBC headline “U.K. and US face global backlash over Defence deal”.

Reads article only people not happy, China and France. Hardly what is call a Global backlash!

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