Attending parade nights with injuries


My WO said if you are not fit for duty then do not come down. However, my friend was wondering if it’s alright for him to come down to squadron after breaking his hand, he had a cast put on.


We have cadets come down with all manner of injuries and as long as the parents are OK with that’s fine. We aren’t bothered particularly what’s wrong.

Unfit for duty sounds like someone playing the at being in the forces.


im pretty open minded at my sqn.I usually find cadets want to come when theyre injured…Of course depends on how severe the injury is.In this case Id just say come along.Unfit for duty pah! Its not like we can make you go on sick parade.


Fit for duty?! Your a youth club not an SF troop. Your WO needs a slap.


It might limit some of the things that you can do, but no reason you can’t attend the Squadron.

What’s this WO going to say the day a Cadet want some to join who has a disability?

Or when a Cadet gets Pregnant?

What’s his opinion if a member of staff pics up an injury?



Aye my WO said this during cold season in winter because he didn’t want any diseases to be spread resulting in a whole squadron absence.


Aye, but “fit for duty”? It’s a youth club it’s not the hitter youth.



They really are on a different planet. That only happens in schools when it is something nasty like chicken pox and so on. Parents keeps kids off for colds and so on, but it’s not a school requirement.


Out in the real world it is becoming the accepted norm that a workplace doesn’t want employees coming into work with colds and flu , infecting their colleagues. It is not limited to more serious communicable diseases.

I wouldn’t want cadets or staff coughing and snuffling their way through a cadets activity and spreading the germs when they can simply take a couple of weeks away.


We have that policy at work, we then have a sickness policy where you get punished for going sick! :roll_eyes:


We have an exciting sickness policy too.As a union rep it gives me endless opportunities to represent people at disciplinaries and discover that management have made a complete HASH of following their own policy.I had one a while back where the management treatment of an employee was in breach of the 2010 Equalities Act.


Are they set in stone policies or desires of management? I’d bet they still want sick notes / doctor’s certificates if it’s for more than a couple of days. Which makes these arrangements less workable than they seem at face value.

The only non requirement for extra info at work are stomach upsets such vomiting and or diarrhoea, where 48 hours clear of symptoms is required. One of our daughters got salmonella, but none of us were affected and believe me you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to fake it.


The answer to the OP is: “Ask your friend/friend’s parents to speak to your OC”.

A broken hand shouldn’t constitute any particularly unacceptable risk. Your friend should just be reminded to avoid activities which might cause further injury.

I attended a summer camp with a broken wrist, 3 weeks post-surgery. I just chatted with the CC and took my surgical discharge certificate with me along with the completed TG 22/23 forms.
It didn’t prevent me from performing my staff role in any way. I simply didn’t take part in the bowling evening.

I can see no reason why it should be any different for a cadet.


If parents are happy, we are happy. I find most parents let us know what has happened as their cherub will be away.

As for staff, we’re all grown ups and know when we are able to attend and do what we need to.


We have a 3 occasions of sickness in a rolling year with disciplinary procedures if you go over the 3 occasions. We can self cert for the first 3 days, but go over the 3 days and you need a Dr’s note.

The ‘occasion’ can be of any length. Like FA we can be off with diarrhoea and vomiting within reason without a sick note. We had one woman who went abroad for holidays and was off with ‘dicky tummy’ nearly everytime. The management sent her for tests for one occasion and there was nothing wrong, she was put on capability and had to have Dr’s note for every instance. She left the company a few months later.


My understanding is that self-certification lasts for 7 days, not 3. Didn’t it change in 2013?


Well our procedure hasn’t changed as far as I’m aware, but then I’ve only had 7 days sick in 29 years, 4 of which have been for stomach upsets. So it hasn’t affected me if it has changed.
There were a couple of sections in the offices where the women (yes women) effectively had a rota for sickness, highlighted by the blokes who worked on them, not going off sick.


I can understand not going when you are ill, but injuries like a broken hand can’t be spread from person to person. Not unintentionally anyway…


There’s ill and then there are the feeble excuses people use for being ill.
If you can get out of bed and have a normal life, unless it is critically contagious, you ain’t really ill.


If you were a diabetic, you might not want anyone coughing and sneezing all over the place, because immune system is depleted, even after a flu jab. But whilst one would not want to discourage attendance, there is a liability issue and common sense should revail. Staff on the hand can be made to stay away on health grounds, even if the medical dictionary has not suitable defined condition, just depends on who you upset.

And remember you are talking MOD sponsored Uniformed Youth Organisation, it is voluntary and therefore none of the workplace ethics and rules apply, but there seems to be people around specifically intent on ensuring that they don’t.