ATC drug policy

Does anyone know the atc drug policy?

Zero tolerance

Air Cadet 20 Personnel Regulations Personnel Instruction No 105

Arguably, Annex A needs an update.

“Don’t do it”

Take drugs? then leave the organisation now.

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This is not in line with the policy of the armed forces who take a more considered approach to getting caught via CDT. Thing like age, rank, position, level of training and experience will be considered. For most it will be out, for some it will be a final warning.

From a young person safeguarding position though you have to a policy that reflects best practise for young people so it’s probably going to be similar to schools rather than the armed forces.


Yes, but they have CDT. We do not.

Just to add - is it lawful to compel an under 18 non-employee to a drugs test? Think you might end up on the wrong side of the courts if you did.


I’ve got to say it’s one of the policies we have that I don’t agree with, it’s too arbitrary and doesn’t take into account the realities of growing up.

There is a big difference between a young person getting caught with a bit of weed on them and doing lines of coke off the OC’s desk.

For many of our young people the organisation is the only positive thing in their life, to take that away for something which they wouldn’t even be prosecuted seems to me a somewhat backwards view of protecting young people.


It’s in line with RAF policy and there is not an appeals process if it’s found to be an illegal substance - your positive, then your out.

Legal substances but against policy there can be a discussion depending on circumstances.

I think there use to be a caveat that an OC could make a case in exceptional circumstances to a regional commandant that a cadet not be expelled but-

  • there needed to be no other disciplinary issues or history

  • the incident was a single one off, not habitual & not selling or providing to others.

So it’s an exception, rarely applied & there needs to be very strong mitigating circumstances but there is a small amount of wriggle room.


Is the Op referring to a staff member or cadet?

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In my opinion it should depend on why they had the substance on them. If theyre from a less fortunaate background and do it to get money to feed their family then i think thats fine. But doing it to look hard infront of their mates shokldnt be tolerated

I’m comfortable with the zero tolerance approach, but I’m not sure that we offer any rehabilitative support afterwards. That’s the bit I feel let’s us down and shows a lack of care for the individual.

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After the recent murders and assaults in my city of Liverpool and the deaths of innocent people, killed with automatic weapons, anybody with drugs in the organisation should be shown the door. And there is no excuse for using drugs for an income source.

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This just works on the fallacious basis that drugs involvement is entirely voluntary, and we should automatically punish anyone who is involved.

It isn’t. That’s why it’s a scourge.


Tell that to the families of the recent murder victims in Liverpool and Wirral:

Olivia Pratt-Korbel
Elle Edwards
Ashley Dale, case due to be heard in October. Her brother was murdered 7 years ago.

These are just the tip of an iceberg

All down to drugs.

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Seriously? Drug dealing teenager is not a Safeguarding risk to you?


Who may have a driving licence and be senior enough to be asked to drive cadets?

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Exactly this although if someone were to be dealing that would be at the depart the organisation end of the scale for me.

But Cadet gets caught smoking a joint in the park, that should be dealt with as a Moderate Breach of the Code of Conduct, it shouldn’t be Court Martial followed by cessation of Chocolate ration.