Astra Clothing Programme

Wait for the ‘all points’ to RAF stations banning them from issuing to RAFAC :man_shrugging:t2:

Y’know, I was just thinking that it seems to have been a while since the RAF has had a uniform shakeup.

That’s OK for those of you who have a waist…

The only trousers I have which sit OK at waist level are my no 5s and that’s due to braces, not belt…

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New jumper inbound. You heard it here first!

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Ribbed and with a square neck, presumably.

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That picture looks like something that Kim Jong Il used to wear.


I’m hoping that the shirt is just a wedgewood, but the photo was taken in poor light conditions, rather than a prototype (The tweet just mentions a survey, rather than clothing trials)

Also, is the collar fastened, without a tie being worn? Urgh!

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That’s not a photo - it’s a basic CGI “person wearing a shirt” that someone has grabbed for the sake of the powerpoint.

I’m not convinced - if you look at the waistline, you can see the top of a RAF Stable belt.

and different jumper styles for each gender

Don’t remind me!

What happened to the RAF softshell jackets that were rumoured a few years ago?

Officers allowed to wear berets in blues??

Only RAF Regt Officers. However, on IOT during term two Off Cdts wear a beret with blues.

I would be prepared to absolutely guarantee that is not a photograph of a real person.

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Hmmm, can’t find the tweet on his feed

It’s mentioned here along with photos of the new gliding and VR badges in the wild.

There’s also discussion in that thread about a briefing on ASTRA from AM Turner to all CFAV.

And here’s the original tweet.

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I have a full set of RAF blue PCS at home. Trousers, Shirt and Smock.

I am hoping despite how unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things RAFAC is being considered with potential uniform changes…it would be nice to actually have uniform that properly fits the Cadets and is sourceable from stores.


As nice at the idea is ain’t happening. The sizing would have to cope with 12yo boys and girls to what I am increasingly seeing gangly teenage boys 15+ in need of special measure trousers. Now I tell them to wear dark trousers, if and until they can get to station tailor.
Above all we need a more utilitarian uniform (but not the sack of spuds which is MTP/DPM or whatever you wish to call it) to do away with potentially several changes of clothes during a day at camp. I’d be in favour of light blue shirts and coveralls, as in my cadet days. Our daughters as teenagers didn’t change their clothes in one day as much as I’ve seen on camps and they know how to change clothes during the day.
My wife finds it amusing that when we go on holiday for two weeks, we get everything for both of us in one case, whereas I go to camp with the same case and a bag with shoes and boots for a week, because you have to be prepared for everything, This is why that unless I can drive to a camp, I don’t go now. Far easier to sling things in the boot and less aggro all round.

Playing fantasy RAFAC again?

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