Army & Sea Cadets Media teams smashing it again

Popped up on my news feed, think this is really good output yet again would love to see something along the lines of this from RAFAC


Inspired by the RN’s version no doubt.

But you’re right, seems like an easy enough thing for a competent media team to pull off.


I see what you did there


They do look good, would be good to see something like that put out by the RAFAC media team.

It is certainly possible.

But it’s a swan swimming thing - a lot of unseen work to make it look smooth on the surface.

But something somebody employed to do media comms should be able to do.


I think it’d be a great idea… But it would require us to allocate a ‘proper’ chunk of the budget for media and recruitment and to employ people who have the required skills. That in itself will require an almost paradigm shift in the way HQ thinks about media.



And some extra words

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As far as our team are concerned it’s a “new style” of communications that they’re neither geared up for nor, seemingly, interested in.

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To be fair it is a different skills set to that required on a team whose first duty is reactive PR - think crisis comms. This is more in the realm of content or marketing (and recruitment as you say).

Whether they could find volunteers to do it, I don’t know. The RAF Media Reserves are certainly set up for this.

You’d hope that the three new CFAV media roles would include an element of this.


Exactly this. My understanding was that these new roles would start allowing videos like this to be made. There some great people in this organisation who can make some high quality content.

There are some squadrons who’s social media content creation is above and beyond that of most wings/regions and HQAC. I can’t think of any of the top of my head right now, but I’ve seen some awesome squadron posts whilst scrolling through Instagram in the past!

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I always think Southend’s social media is pretty good:

that does look very impressive, neat, consistent (with itself if not RAFAC branding), simple and very effective

From what I can see the 3 roles were (purposefully) quite broadly drawn. But someone who is great at say, SEO-friendly copy, might not be able to produce a video of the level in the ACF example. Very different skill sets.

We’ll have to see who they appoint.

I agree - but I think it’d be a mistake to continue to have no one able to produce content like this on board.



It might be in a phase 2, it probably needs someone tasked to do just that and not get involved in other areas.

Or put it out to an agency or production company who can then source freelancers based on location.

…the ACF team?

sorry for avoiding you all reinventing the wheel but if the ACF team or Volunteers or Perm Staff, or even contractors they will have the same aim as we will.
why try to source our own route as catch up?

the ACF might be “competitors” in terms of poaching our “customers” but we all form part of the same organisation.
i am not suggesting it would work long term, but why do we constantly have to have the same departments doing to same tasks for each CF? surely there are easier ways to reach the same goals by working together?


That would make a lot of sense, there is no reason why an ACF volunteer or a contracted supplier couldn’t make content for all cadet forces say on the south coast, and ATC or SCC in another region. Easier perhaps with a contracted supplier.

Hardly, the “selfie queen” was on top of it and the new boy is looking like no slouch.
Maybe the management need to start bloody managing, it’s what I imagine they are employed to do, although there is never really any evidence of it, other than passing on admin tasks to us.