April Fools


Anyone got some easy and safe April fools pranks that I could play on staff or other cadets? I’m stumped when it comes to ideas, so I’m open to any! Thanks.


you are 4½ hours too late


Only boring people abide by that rule.


I heard a good wheeze that Gliding was paused just for an Easter weekend.


I heard a good wheeze that Gliding was paused just for an Easter weekend.

5 years ago


I’ve been pranking people all day - I actually only found out about that rule around 1pm today. I agree with Baldrick - only boring people abide by that rule!




One for next year if you abide by the April fools joke, but with cadets being in school all day I think we can add a few hours :joy:


I love it! Also yes - if I could have done it before 12 I would have, not my fault it’s illegal for me not to go to school.


All the old favorites… camouflage paint, bubble for a compass, sky hooks, send a cadet for a long weight (wait)…


Thank you! We have some leadership stuff at my sqn tonight so not sure I could do some of these, but great suggestions all the while!


I saw one today about issuing MTP pace sticks for DIs in the field.


Due to budget cuts the ACF, ATC and SCC are to be disbanded with the units merged into new community based CCF units.


Ahhh, the old purple beret.


Thanks for all these replies! Some of these would be excellent, but I’m only a (nearly) first class cadet and therefore I wouldn’t be able to pull these off.


Belatedly …

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Nothing will ever beat the original baseball cap replacing the beret that was circulated several years ago and almost believed by the majority of the corps


Sorry … this is better


I hope that money is being put into developing Google Nose. That was a great idea.


One I saw yesterday, and the cadets fell for it -

“Please note the new dress regulations which come into effect on 1st April 2020. To conform to The Sex Discrimination Act males will be issued with a skirt to maintain uniformity with females whilst on formal parades. Knee length black socks will also be issued from this date with the option to purchase a service kilt at personal cost. If there are any questions please respond to this post.”