April Fools


At RAFC Cranwell, vintage years ago, the WRAF dress standard for tights / stockings changed from a grotty orangey colour to “Pewter Grey” & if my aged memory is correct, it was effective on 01 Apr.

So, all female student officers were notified to parade by Whittle Hall at lunchtime for an inspection…

…by only male staff, who initially asked for a label check!! Poor girls, their chins dropped!! :astonished:

Then the inspection was, of course, cancelled. :grin:


That’s a really good idea, I love it. Might suggest it to the staff at my sqn for next year


No, no, that’s actually a good idea.


Which is why they’d never do it. They could cut costs by reducing the command structure, reduce the number of databases we run for record keeping, maximise the opportunities for the cadets by opening up all the courses


Sounds like one of the options from DYER, which HQAC caught a massive cold over as it would have meant no non jobs for the boys and girls.