Appointment of Under officers (CCF RAF)

I was wondering what the rules are on the appointment of under officers are within the CCF, as I have seen the rank float around but never understood how it is undertaken.

I think it’s an unofficial thing within the CCF but I’m sure tmmorris will be along shortly to give you the definitive version.

Im fairly sure its the Army Contingent that has them not the RAF contingent

As far as I am aware, the rank of Under Officer was binned a long time ago.

Army section can have a cadet under officer but not the RAF afaik

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The rank of Adult Under Officer exists within the Army sections. Its use has been formalised it the new CCF Army Personnel Regulations (quoted below).

Adult Under Officer A uniformed member of the CCF(A) who has been recommended for appointment to a Cadet Forces Commission but has not yet successfully completed their CCF(A) Basic Course.

tmmorris will know about the CCF(RAF) equivalent.

I have never seen a Cadet Under Officer, in any section.

Those who have commented before are correct there is no such rank in the CCF (RAF). The ranks are are CI, A/Plt Off, Plt Off, Fg Off, Flt Lt, Sqn Ldr and Wg Cdr. You have to be 20 yrs of age to apply for a commission and be working at the school or have already served 6 months as a CI.

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Nope, you can be commissioned at 18 in the CCF.

Always wondered how this works in joint activities with the ATC where you can have a 19 year old cadet and 18 year old officer. Just a bit awkward.

Strange as a TEST Officer of some years we have only commissioned at 20. Would be interesting to know where you got your information from???

It is 18 for Army Section staff but RAFAC Commissioning is undertaken at 20 plus so RAF Section staff can only commission from that age.

Sorry, been having a break!

CUO isn’t an official rank in the CCF(RAF), only in the CCF(Army). However where a cadet is ‘head of corps’ in a school where the position is usually held by a CUO, that would be a bit unfair if the best cadet were RAF, so a lot of schools do it and HQAC turns a blind eye; the important thing is that they never appear off school premises as a CUO, as their rank is officially CWO. I’ve been on camp with one such cadet from Duke of York’s, which as a military school has its own uniform as well, worn on formal occasions - the cadet knew the score and didn’t claim to be a CUO on camp, or dress as one, or attempt to lord it over anyone (excellent senior cadet, in fact).

Fortunately I’ve not inherited that tradition - our head of corps is WO1 or WO2 if Army (depending a bit on ability), WO if RN, CWO if RAF.

Only 18 if they are an officer in the reserve forces for the RAFAC that is and they are joining post 18

For years we had 20 year old CI’s and Plt Off while we had 21 year old CWO son not a big deal.


Acp 20 states that personnel can be commissioned at 18 in the CCF. I know this is the case as I was commissioned under the age of 20 into the CCF last year. I have only just turned 20 now.

ACP 20. Personnel Instruction No201:

“The minimum age for an ATC/VGS/AEF commission is 20 years or 18 years for CCF(RAF), the maximum age is 65 years.”

@WiskeyM is right! We commissioned someone at 19 last year. New rule brought in in 2016. But it’s good to see that HQ have informed the test officers (or “Test Officer of years” - @Balders…always worth checking the regs before getting too cocky! :wink::joy:).

Depends how you read that full paragraph though

It is also permitted for currently serving commissioned personnel of other Reserve Forces to apply for a CFC commission. The minimum age for an ATC/VGS/AEF commission is 20 years or 18 years for CCF(RAF), the maximum age is 65 year

For me that sounds like it only applys if you have a current commission in the reserves

That is not the case! If you consult HQ they can confirm it. I was commissioned by HQ at 19, so evidently it is allowed!

Well not really?!?!? That is the only reference to age and it clearly states that you only need to be 18. It just so happens it’s after a bit about reserves.

Again, we have checked with HQ and have had personnel commissioned at 19 and gone through OIC at 19, so it is clearly fine! :joy::joy:

Sounds like a solution to the staff cadet problem…