Appointment of Under officers (CCF RAF)

I was going to say its only a matter of time that the ATC reduces its upper age limit to 18

@TimSqn please accept my profuse apologies for being “too cocky”; at present I am taking only the fourth period of leave I have been able to take in the past 16 months due to the gapping of posts and requirements of the role. I do best to keep all the regs on my head and I wish I had your ability to do so but hey I am only human. I bow to the quote from the ACP and yes maybe I should have double checked before I commented. On reflection I have completed some interviews around the 19 yrs old mark. So yes we can commission at 18 but they are likely to be very few and fair between as the requirement for the candidate to work at the school or have been a CI for at least 6 months before applying for a commission.

Few and far between, but that is irrelevant. The statement that we CAN commission at 18 in the CCF was correct.

Apologies if I came across a bit grumpy, but I just get a bit fed up of the lack of support I get in my role in the CCF and how most of the CCF staff I deal with seem to have little idea about the regs.

I suppose another topic for discussion.

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