Apply for an HM Armed Forces Veteran Card

I will do, just as soon as someone can point out a benefit to having one that isn’t already covered by something else.

I won’t hold my breath.

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Bit walty for a CFAV for a veteran card in my opinion.


It’s absolutely astonishing if true, are CFAVs seriously eligible for these? :joy:

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Those who were VR(T) probably are, they can apply for the Veteran badge.

And there will also be those in this forum who are veterans.


That’s who I’d assumed this post was aimed at.

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10% off at Burger King…

I don’t see me getting one - ex-stab, ex-regular - it feels very American, very ‘thank me for my service’, and to be frank, getting one would give the unutterably vile Johnny Mercer a bauble he doesn’t deserve.

I know of two who have applied on the basis of VR(T) service. Same ones I know who wear their veteran badge every day. :man_facepalming:

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I’m ex-regular and think I’ve worn my veterans badge 3 times in the 15 years I’ve been out.

And as @angus has identified, the only discounts you get are the same as through the Defence Discount Service. The only possible exception in my mind is a Veterans Railcard, but you can prove your eligibility with your discharge papers so I don’t know why you’d need a Veterans Card for it.

Let’s be very honest what this card is; an attempt by a dying government to make it look like they’re doing something for veterans without actually doing anything that will provide a tangible benefit. Whilst simultaneously spending money that could be better used elsewhere.

The government have changed the CTP provider, and that should help (CTP was terrible when I went through) but this card is just a gimmick.


If you travel, especailly with young kids, discounts in the USA can be very generous for veterans - used to be good for Disney, but you had to go to a specific location in nearby in Florida to obtain tickets.

I believe that one of the primary aims is to confirm eligibility for assistance from some charities.

What discharge papers? Got a nice letter, saying ta for your service, that was it!

Another good bit will be if the card will give / help access to RAF stns…

I’ve seen this discussed elsewhere; it doesn’t.

And why should it? Someone with the card might have been out for decades and not vetted in all that time. Could we actually trust everyone who holds such a card with access to assets?


Why not? Social membership of some messes for example?

Ooh no, it would be awful.

It would be like trying to socialise with my children’s friends - awkward, and sad.

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But the card isn’t for that. If they want social membership of the mess then there’s a process for that. And if there isn’t, there should be.

A bit of plastic doesn’t give any security assurances at all. Even if it was linked to a database, by definition a veteran isn’t on station every day so hard to collar them to remove their card.

How access to bases isn’t controlled with microchipped cards already baffles me, but until it does come in (which it surely just do) there’s not much of a solution for a blanket veterans’ pass.


Advantage if you live in Manchester - free Metrolink journeys for life. Having my MoD90 saves me around £20 per week so definitely worth having.


their trialling digital IDs remember - its called “MyRAFAC” and is an App being used by a not insignificant population - trouble is it is being used a not significant number of times a week to understand if it is working…

I visit Manchester at least once a year, how does it work? Do you just flash the MoD 90 at the driver?

I know I’m the US that they can use their Veterans card to get into camp, they go on and use the PX etc.

But in the US Veteran worship is a massive cult

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