AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


And specific descriptions of the squadron identification badge


Hasn’t the hype come from here, though, and various members getting hot under the collar?


That, and promises/rumours/blatant lies we were told.


At least there is now some authority for the SNCOs who’ve been telling me to wear the purple one…

Must find what I did with it!


We may have a drawer full. If so I can post you one when I check the stores in the new year


Only if they can have someone read it to them…


That is confusing! So am I right in saying that they can only be light or dark blue, with maroon or white piping and cuffs?
What is a contrast panel?
So no more black or purple ones?

But I can wear a vest when I am doing a field gun completions!!!
Where can I sign up for a field gun completion?? Do you start with bits and try and complete it?


I think @steve679 meant a field gun competition. Search them on YouTube, they’re more of a matelot thing though


Always had strange ways in the RN, but it was/is thought to be one of the mist dangerous team sports in the world.


We do field gun displays all the time.

It’s the category of activity under Misc or PIPE i use when none of the suggested activities fit.


If you NSP it first it’s a bit less dangerous.


A long while ago I met a guy in his 60s who was a ex Fleet Clearence Diver who said he failed to get in the team as he couldn’t do the required number of sit ups with a 10 lb weight on his chest in a given time. Put him in swimming pool and he was liek a shark in the water, so fast and so comfortable.

They’re all mad I tell you.




Consider the IACE top a good example.

A dark blue body, with contrast panels (side bits) in light blue with white piping


Looks cheap and well yuk.


There’s a chap who makes ‘cadet field guns’ which are a CCF RN approved activity. The gun barrel is wood with an aluminium cover, so it’s much lighter than the real thing. We have two and use them as a tri-service house competition activity - it’s an excellent teamwork and fitness task.

While you can still trap fingers, run over toes etc., there aren’t the back problems, or broken bones if you drop it. Only downside is, they are hand made and cost around £2.5k each…

PM me if you want more info. Unfortunately as they are seen as a matelot activity I guess wing/region wouldn’t pay for them and squadrons wouldn’t be able to afford!


I don’t think you understood my joke! We have a drop down menu of things which fall under Public Events, the list is pretty poor and doesn’t cover half of what we do, so because I have to select one, I select the funniest one.


yours for £10 via the RIAT merchandise shop…

Link to shop

these shirts have been standard for IACE to wear casually for a good couple of years…


Keep in mind that the whole reason No 3A has appeared in our dress regulations is because the RAF are including it in theirs to ratify the long-standing practice of wearing Branded polo shirts with No 3.
The Careers teams, Motivational Outreach Teams, STEM teams, &c have been doing it for a long time and now there’s an official regulation for it.
We have merely followed suit.

I think it’s a sensible move. There are definitely occasions when we work local events in No 3, where No 3A would be preferable.

The old “but it’s private purchase so they can’t tell us what to buy” argument is as invalid here as it is when applied to combats.
It’s perfectly simple - nobody is forcing individuals nor Squadrons to go out and buy approved shirts. If Squadrons want to wear No 3A then they will wear it in accordance with the regs. It is a mode of uniform after all.

What about those Squadrons which have their own “Sqn Brand” and colours which do not meet the regulations? Tough.
Squadrons do not operate their own brands. We all come under one brand, whether people like it or not.
By all means, have something “local” for civilian wear or sports kit if desired, but when wearing a uniform one should expect to conform to the standard set across the whole organisation.
We wouldn’t expect a Squadron to decide that the blue uniforms don’t fit their “Sqn brand” and thus to be permitted to wear other colours.


Not as simple as that though is it? We’ve worn what was effectively No3a for at least 10 years because it’s more practical and suitable for some of the events we do with fundraising in particular.

We bought and invested in t shirts and jumpers, wording and badges. We paid for that before someone, somewhere, got a bee in their bonnet and tried to force rules on us.

I’m not going to follow it because it’s ridiculous, it doesn’t take into account that we’ve already paid a considerable some of money to do so and we did so in good faith. A lack of foresight and planning on the part of some warrant officer somewhere doesn’t constitute a problem for me.