AP1358c Updates Thread

Have we received any communications suggesting when the new dress regs will be coming out? I think Gp Capt Leeming is losing the will, so I didn’t want to ask on bader!

Included in this, news on the new TRF?!

I am no longer in the loop, but I suspect it is still bogged down, waiting legal approval and having a low priority with the RAF/MOD legal team.

Ask the Gp Capt.

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That is what he is there for it is one of his roles. Judging by some of his replies I think you are right.

Thank you to whoever has asked the Gp Capt about this, it will be interesting to see the response! Might also see about the new TRF!

I heard that all adult uniformed staff would be wearing the RAF TRF. Cadets would have something new or maybe the current NCO TRF.

That is the latest I heard. At one point CCF were going purple and ATC a light blue in the same style as CCF purple and ACF red TRF.

CCF have moved to purple, but ATC are just gonna stick to the RAF one then? Nothing like a HQAC plan that changes half way through! :wink::joy:

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At this rate you may as well have a ‘purple’ cadets forces to reflect jointery in the three services.

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Or to reflect the coloured facial complexion of most of the corps when something is changed, got rid of, delayed etc


When will it be updated for the beard thing?

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Us wearing the RAF TRF throughout all CFAV I’ve heard was blocked by the RAF.

Did your source give a reason?

We’re not part of the RAF anymore and they don’t feel a tactical recognition flash is appropriate when we will never be in a tactical situation.

I believe the issue was the RAF AC ones are a lot more expensive to produce than the RAF one so we were trying to save some money by using their flash.

Well whatever is going to be happening, it would be nice to know given how long we have been waiting! I suppose then, given that even officers do not come under the RAF anymore then, that no one will be wearing the raf TRF!

It would be more accurate to say, CCF have been issued the Purple TRF and some are wearing it in defiance of dress regulations to the contrary.

Mine is in the drawer waiting for some kind of order to wear it.

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I know that some regions in the CCF have been told by their CoC they have to wear it. One of my ex colleagues now works in our local CCF school and they have been told off for still wearing the raf TRF and now wear purple.

change the orientation by 45 degrees…job jobbed?

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And when ever on a RAF station you will get told off by the SWO for not sewing it on right.

Anybody out there got a picture of one of these purple TRFs. Is it something the artist formally known a symbol who liked purple rain would wear?