Announcements on Cadet Portal

So now CFAVs cam make announcements to the cadet portal. I am right i didn’t dream it???

So how does one do it?

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I’m wondering that - isn’t really explained in the article. I’ve taken a look on SMS and I guess it hasn’t been updated yet, because I still to use @aircadets and once in I couldn’t find the function.

Main question I have for @james_elliott, as we are apparently able to “query” announcements, does that mean we get sight of them through SMS even if someone else produces it?

It doesn’t seem to be in SMS atm, the url shown in the cover photo of the Announcements SharePOint article is which returns a 404.

The Squadron Management System (SMS) will be updated to version 5.3.1 on the 19th of August 2020 between the hours 13:00 and 16:00, during this time SMS will be unavailable.

SMS 5.3.1 Release Notes

No you don’t, no domain name is required for SMS, OC.1234 along with your password is all that’s required, it was programmed to trim and cfollowing the update will also trim

Once a Squadron has been added to an announcement, they will see it in their announcements section, even if it is still in draft.

Announcements are not visible in Cadet Portal until they have been marked as Published and the current date is the range set by Date From / To.

So you could set the Unit Stand Down for Xmas today, to go live on 10 Dec, and all units that it has been allocated too would be able to see it to raise the query because of a typo etc.


All good stuff!

@james_elliott Can you please confirm…
Will this, as previously discussed, trigger an email to the Cadet or will the announcement only live inside CP?

Will it trigger an email to the Next of Kin? I think it’s important that a Unit Stand Down in particular is notified to the NOK ASAP. In many cases it is they who will have planned their evening around transporting Little Johnny or Jane to and from and now they’ll need to alter their plans.

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I missed the time, sorry.

My point was @rafac wasn’t recognised. I remember logging in short form a long time ago, but eventually had problems with it so got into the habit of long form.

That wasn’t my question as that was clear in the notes, but thank you for answering about visibility in SMS.

I can see this feature being incredibly useful - maybe we can eliminate Facebook groups (finally).

At risk of sounding like a broken record, please no. My NOK never agreed to receive emails about stand downs and frankly I don’t think they could give a flying giraffe.

That may the case for you and for many of the over 18’s, but for the several tens of thousands of under 18 cadets it’s of prime importance.


If little Johnny or Jane is telling their parents they are going to cadets, but the squadron is closed and little Johnny doesn’t come home…

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Maybe there should be some sort of opt-in policy for it? I’m not a DP expert but I can see problems with giving details as a “next of kin” and them being used in a way they weren’t intended for? Or do what all the policies in ACP20 do and just not contact the parent/guardian after turning 18.

Besides, as I’ve said before, my NOK has nothing to do with my ATC career anymore (and, frankly, it could not even be my parent/guardian for all HQAC know).

All that can be very easily worked out.

But you do need to remember that for the vast majority of cadets their parents / guardians are very much involved.

Parents want to be kept informed about what’s going on - as any staff member will know only too well.
That is right and proper - their children are legally children and whilst we give cadets certain responsibility for themselves it is their parents who enable them to attend.

If we cancel any event the parents need to know. If that is at short notice then it is even more important that we ensure the message has got to them.
It’s all well telling Little Johnny that the Sqn is closed tonight, but when he waits until 1830 to tell his parents that causes problems… Which then appear in the form of grumpy parents complaining to us.

No staff member wants to be bothered by additional, unnecessary, admin, nor by parents contacting us at inconvenient times outside of parade hours.
If we are announcing a USD then it really must inform parents as well - otherwise we’ve got to do it twice - once to let the cadets know via SMS / CP and then again by whatever means we keep in touch with parents.

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Actually, your NOK (assuming you’re an under 18 cadet) agreed to receive all relevant info.

If you’re over 18 cadet or staff then they shouldn’t get it as they’re not required to in law.

By definition NOK should be someone close to you, you trust implicitly.
So this shouldn’t be an issue.

I agree with you. But it is the “vast majority” attitude that alienates staff cadets and leaves them being treated like children. Send emails to children’s parents/guardians; don’t send emails to adults parents/spouses/etc.

It can be worked out, but will it?

I’m not sure that’s true. The 3822A simply asks for next of kin details. There is no NOK privacy notice or tickbox on the form. I’m not saying they can’t be contacted, but I think (again, no expert) it should be made clearer.

This is exactly my point

I’m sure it will… You’ve seen how proactive the VSDT are. If they can make it happen they will.

But it may be that for a time there is a need to focus on what brings the greatest benefit… and if that meant that the price for efficiently reaching all those NOK whom we need to was that - for a spell - notifications go out to all NOK until the feature is improved to allow staff cadet accounts to work differently, or for certain NOK to opt-out, then that would be just the way it is.

Fair point. I was more questioning if the organisation cares enough, rather than the willingness of VSDT.

I’m sure that the appropriate people will all be on board. This all ties in fairly nicely with the concept of informed consent.


Yeah was going to say I’m sure the Informed Consent programme will resolve most of these issues. We’ve already seen progress of the 3822A being updated.

SO this depends on the nature of the USD.

A summer stand down due to camps / holidays & Christmas is different to a sudden stand down today. I’d argue that stand down today might not be picked up as a CP announcement unless the cadets are logging into check the program