Ammo Boots

Hello there. Wondering if Ammo Boots are permitted at all. I know they’re sort of forbidden on RAF Stations for us (if my memory serves me right), but are they permitted for Sqn use by Cadets and/or Staff? I know this has been asked before and I know it’s nowhere to be found in AP1358c, but I was just wondering if there are any variations or loopholes anywhere.

Many thanks.

Yep. Plenty have them for parades and drill instructing.

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Not in 1358C

But if you ask most the WOs RWO and above they are permitted for DIs

Not that I’d encourage anyone wearing them. They are uncomfortable and bloody dangerous sometimes


I can’t see why your average sqn officer/nco/cadet would need a pair?

Am I missing something? I know a few WOs that wear them.

Technically WOs shouldn’t be wearing ammo boots, they should be wearing studded oxfords :wink:


Why aren’t the RWOs et al enforcing the dress regs, as is their job?

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God knows I’m not in that realm yet…I just asked the editor of 1358C for the official line.

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They only enforce the rules they want to and turn a blind eye to rules the don’t want to enforce.

From WO Mundy who is editor of AP1358C

WO shouldn’t wear ammo boots, its across the RAF, not just the RAFAC

The suggested footwear is issue unless trained to operate in ammp boots due to risk they can cause.

So technically permitted but not encouraged.

Pfft loved mine - chuffing great things.

I don’t think there is a “using ammo boots” lesson anywhere, you just put them on and practice.

They’re like marmite I think! Either love them or hate them.

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What, WOs or ammo boots?



Perhaps he should tell that to the various RAF WOs out there who wear ammo boots.
Generally speaking the RAF doesn’t defecate itself over these issues in the way that the ATC historically has.
Plenty of RAF WOs out there who wear white belts with No1 or even sword belts without swords…

ahhh bless Chris… He does come out with some corkers…

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Only relaying what’s been said…

I own a set I wore them a handful of times and didn’t really see the real point, apart from sore feet.

Toyed with the idea of getting my oxfords plated…but then again its stupidly expensive unless you know someone who can do it

I find my boots to be more comfortable than my shoes for long periods.

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Go the QCS route - 2 extra layers of leather on the sole (then tipped) & the heels raised slightly, with horseshoe built in. Had 2 pairs of these as an instructor at Cranditz, very comfortable, toe caps hardly flexed at all - & much warmer / drier in winter. All can be done by a suitably equipped cobbler. I’d be fairly sure that QCS have a local option near NHT.


Will probably do it when it comes to resoleing my oxfords. Get it all done at same time.

You are all very brave.

Every year I nearly come a cropper on the marble floor of our chapel when I forget that my 2003 era issued Oxfords have leather heels with metal pins - the pins are now slightly proud and my heels have nearly slipped from under me most years. Luckily not yet while actually marching forward to lay a wreath…

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