American Football


I hope to god that the Packers win - i (normally) go to the bookies twice a year Superbowl and Royal Ascot (Birthday) and more often than not the Packers get my ÂŁ20 (- and loose)

Yawn. American football has to be up there with horse events as one of the dullest sporting activities known to man.



Our family got free tickets through the school for the then Scottish claymores…
I refused to go, my dad walked out after 20minutes saying it was the worst thing he’d seen, and he used to watch guys play dominos in the pub!!!


Went to see the Dallas Cowboys in - Dallas! Yes, boring at time, but a very different atmosphere in a USA stadium. Same for watching “rounders” in a USA stadium.

It’s their constant drivel about stats that really gets me!


a 60 minute game that lasts 4 hours? No thanks - and I’m a cricket fan!

As for happy, there’ll be a Midweek MOTD this week!


It’s the Chiefs year again they are just phenomenal and have been all season. I’m hoping it’s the Bills but my head says Chiefs.

It’s a great spectator sport, if you know the rules and understand what’s going on, if you don’t it’s really dull. (I had a similar experience as a kid watching the London Monarchs with no idea what it was all about.)

Can’t complain your not getting your money’s worth then!

I’d echo the above sentiments - went to see a baseball game whilst on a layover - the food, beer and atmosphere were all top notch!

Bills have been on an ever growing increase of performance… They deserve it.

Chief probably will take it… Depends how badly mahomes got knocked about yesterday… Ankle went and a concussion.

I’m under no illusion that Bucs are going to get messed up back Packers next week. We played awful last night.

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Wembley games are similar… Love it when I have opportunity to see it there

Yeah if he’s out with a Concussion that’s a big loss, but it looks like he didn’t actually hit his head so he should be good as long as the neurologist says so.

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It’s in File 13 because I lost the key to Room 101.

Figured this might become a regular thing…

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Season ends in 2 weeks It’ll go quiet for 6 months then.

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Do we need a netball thread?


Looks like Mahomes is out of Concussion Protocol so should be a great game.

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I’ll be asleep

Bucs on at a reasonable time. 8pm family time has been cancelled for me watching the game and having tantrums…

Yeah I’ll see Bucs game but won’t be up for the Chiefs game, might record it and watch it at work tomorrow.

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Similar. I have game pass so I’ll fit it in this week st somepoint