Air squadron trophy/ground training CCF

During the drill competition in the air squadron trophy competition does the person calling drill stand still or march with the squad?

It will depend on the sequence and it should be detailed in the instructions for the sequence.
For the last one, they do bits of both.

That’s the issue, we don’t have a written routine, I’ve asked my TEST SNCO and he said he’d get it to me but he’s very busy, looking after four schools

Well, it is his full-time job, so you can’t expect him to do it effectively! :wink:

To be honest, I’m not sure if the sequence has been published yet. They normally wait until the RAFAC National Competition is over are done and that was last weekend. The Sharepoint folder for the AST competition still just has the 2019 sequence.

It probably won’t be long before it comes out - it should change from this year’s sequence so I am not sure what the expectations will be for 2020

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Well my regionals are on December 1st and our regionals last academic year were February some time

That sounds like an unreasonably short time period to give cadets to train for a new sequence, even with a copy of the sequence to refer to.

I know, this is the problem we’ve been working with, at least the others in our region have the same situation

Normally comes out in feb

Saying that one of my cadets who’s also in the CCF is learning some sequence at the moment

The schools competition folder on sharepoint has the 2019 sequence in

When I spoke to my TEST SNCO he said that it hadn’t changed from last year

Same sequence as last year for all regional competitions and the National final, it’s fit for purpose and does not include drill movements that cadets would never be expected to execute, like remove headdress ( with a beret !!!) and left / right form,

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Where is your comp Moray.

That’s the issue, we don’t have a written routine, I’ve asked my TEST SNCO and he said he’d get it to me but he’s very busy, looking after four schools

Try 10 or 11 schools

It’s that then

Then to answer your original question

With the first half of sequence 6 (the ceremonial aspect) you march with the squad.

For the second half (the instructional bit) you position yourself near the central point of one edge of the competition area, usually near the judges

The same sequence was used in 2018 and 2019.

Video from the 2019 national championships (6 ATC and 1 CCF(RAF) squad) are on Youtube and you can use that for reference, though each squad tends to do something subtly different. I don’t think any of the 2019 footage has made its way up yet but it will be much of the same but again they were all pretty similar.

Squad instructor stays static and commands from a central point in front of the Dias

They do not for the ceremonial aspect of sequence 6 of the acto 120 competition.

As I said for the CCF RAST drill sequence the i/c stays static apart from following the inspecting officer around on the inspection

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So this is the sequence in the 2019 CCF AST Competition folder on Sharepoint I’ve highlighted the relevant section

This is written by the ATC not CCF
It shouldn’t be in the folder and don’t throw who put it there

The RAFAC Drill & Ceremonial Warrant Officer…