Air Cadet Yearbook - Thoughts?

So the Army Cadets have launched their new Yearbook on their online shop:
Army Cadets Web Store

I wonder what peoples thoughts are about it and what would we stock in an Air Cadet Shop?

Given the roaring success that is Air Cadet Magazine I’m not sure there’d be any interest to be honest.


I don’t really see the point. Especially for £15 (plus postage?)

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I’m more interested in the army cadet monopoly. How do we get an air cadet one.

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What a weird collection of items.

Monopoly Set
Pin Badges
Initial Officer Training Leadership Cards

It’s like the world’s most esoteric etsy store.

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Interesting, what would have on there? (This would probably work as a new thread but I don’t know how to start a new thread AND quote you, please if anyone could separate it for me that would be fab)

Would you buy stations, activities, planes?

I’ve only ever played the original version so not sure how the concept of rent works in other versions.

The chance ones would be fun - ‘You accidentally salute the SWO on Summer Camp and he verbally kicks you back to Go, do not collect £200’




looks like a one shot version of the Air Cadet magazine.

if it were a bit more like the RAF Yearbook but about Squadrons and achievements (ie badges) rather than aircraft we don’t have i could see more of the appeal
but that would still end up being an annual report - 9XX Sqns on the book 4X,000 Cadets, Staff, breakdowns by gender and type of uniform worn, by region and wing…i’ve talked myself out of it already

I would be 100% up for an air cadet store


They sold things like stable belts, no 3 uniform at cost price so we can stop the little darlings going to rip off direct


A 2020/21 yearbook?
That would be one of the shortest reads ever.


Just wait for the next Cadet Portal report - boom! Yearbook done.

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