Air Cadet Monopoly

There you go @Giggling_fish :smiley:

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There would certainly be no flying.

Or maybe that’s a ‘chance card’… ‘you had a chance of flying, but weather, staff shortage, broken aircraft, etc meant it was cancelled. Pay 5000 for lost Hope’s and dreams’


Instead of jail you get sent to the VGS to spend three turns watching PowerPoint. :wink:


No no come on. Jail has to be something to do with trying to complete mandatory training on Ultilearn.


Yeah, go on then

Nope you’re both wrong.

In RAFAC monopoly each corner is jail…

There is certainly no free parking and passing go doesnt exist.


Looks like the ACF one has camp locations as the properties. May be problematic if we’re stuck with RAF stations :laughing:


Chance card

“go straight to suspension, do not pass go, do not collect VA”



You get promoted, advance 5 spaces
Your uniform still fits after lockdown, advance to go and collect £200
You win first prize in an air craft recce competition - collect £10

Your mum posts photos of you in uniform on social media and now her friends all think you are in the RAF

Failed your WHT
Fainted on parade - go back to Go do not collect £200
Didn’t get a place on camp but all your friends did


Completed DBS form in blue pen

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Wexo loses yet another mail bag… lose the game.

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I thought that was “carry on, nothing’s happened”

Stations were my first thought but then I wondered if they’d be enough and how would you group them?
Could be done :wink:

Accidentally post on SM using the Squadron account rather than your own, pay £10 in damages

Realise all your stories start with ‘this one time, on Cadet camp’, miss a turn whilst you think of some other stories

Rat packs for dinner, miss a turn

Called your OC ‘mate’, miss a turn
Called your Sqn WO ‘mate’, miss 5 turns

Realised you’d been wearing your rank slide upside down - no one noticed, move forward one space.

Fall asleep on stag, go back 5 places

Room inspection - pay £10 for every camp you’ve been on

Come last in Wing Sports, pay £10 but then take £5 as the taking part still counts

Correctly spot inaccuracies in a military related film/TV show, feel like a boss and move to Go, collecting £200.

Accidentally copy in your whole Sqn/Section/Contingent/Area/Wing/Region/Corp (delete as appropriate) to an email, lose £5.

Lose your ID badge on camp, miss a turn whilst you make friends with the dog section

Vomit when flying, miss a turn whilst you clean it off the flight sim

Your dad throws out your paper plate award, go back 2 spaces.

Keep the chance/community chest ones coming! I’m enjoying coming up with them and reading yours, even if some of mine are a bit ropey!


If you’re going to use RAF Stations then surely the rules of the game would have to be altered… The point would be to get rid of all your properties as quickly as possible.


“Lost your ID, receive a Red Escorted Pass, go to the guardroom until someone retrieves you”


“You’ve just built a new Sgts’ Mess. Pay £1.2m and then sell your property to the bank at 1/3 face value.”

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A new risk assessment form has been published. Miss 5 goes whilst you copy and paste from your old version.


Proceed directly to GO - and wait, and wait, and wait…

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