AFA expired (cannot renew due to Covid restrictions)

As my AFA has expired earlier this month along with a lot of other staff just before Christmas, due to Covid restrictions, I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about renewing the qualifications. At the moment we cannot attend outdoor activites unless qualified or even attend the squadron when have the green light to return to face to face.

As of Monday you can do an AFA course for CFAVs indoors.

When did this come out?

Yesterday :grin: with an announcement email earlier this afternoon.

Also, the new guide says there’s a 6-month waiver for attending activities with a lapsed first aid qualification.

Though you still need qualified people for the ratio.

(If that makes sense)

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It makes sense, but if a squadrons staff are all expired we cannot reopen so activities will have to cease unless we bring in someone from another squadron to attend which makes things very difficult. Just saw the announcement a few minutes ago but it is only for England and Wales. Didn’t see the bit about 6 months waiver for attending activities.

I’ve been trying to get on an AFA course for about 18 months now. If I get on one within 6 months I’ll eat my hat.

Can’t believe I managed to get myself and 3 cadets onto a Wing course in October. Somehow we got away with it!

I’m considering booking an FAAW course privately for that reason

Interesting, didn’t see that bit. Have queried if the intent is to apply that to activities as well.

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How did you manage that with the Covid restrictions. Also reading the above it is waived for 6 months from the date that F2F is authorised. That could mean at the moment probably somewhere along the lines of July or August but you still need a qualified first aider to be at the squadron.

Some first aid courses ran last year.

There’s guidance for running them in the various return to F2F guides.

I’m assuming the six months starts when your squadron is granted permission to return.

That could work out expensive, but you might be able to claim it back seeing that probably no one has used any of their 28 days last year so there should be a pot of money at HQAC.

Probably not true, certainly less, yes, but there was an IBN that went out detailing what virtual activities can be claimed for I think!

Yes there was. I think it was about doing a number of hours on virtual but can’t remember the exact details, but I’m sure not too many people put in claims. Returning to AFA would it not be possible to do part of it virtual as it is mostly powerpoints and then when back F2F do the practical 3 tests.

I did a bit of research (as there is a chance work would pay all/some of it - I am required to have EFAW anyway so selling the idea as an upgrade).
Most expensive was over a grand with a private provider
SJA is £400 ex vat
Red Cross was about £50 cheaper (both providers vary depending on where exactly the course is running)
Cheapest is a local sailing outfit or university at under £200 but they haven’t restarted courses yet
As it’s giving up a weekend to do AFA anyway and the qual can’t be used for work and I still need a work qual it’s quite attractive. And I firmly believe you can’t do too much first aid training.

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I’ve been told time and time again my FAAW qual isn’t valid for cadets.

My FAAW was accepted. The course was even delivered by the wing FAO.

Really? That’s crazy! Did they say why?

My wife books first aid courses for her company, and has nothing but good things to say about the Red Cross course. According to her, the SJA course was very dry, whilst the RC course was more interactive and enjoyable.

That a FAAW course doesn’t satisfy the requirements the air cadets lay down, and that we face risks greater than that of an office.

I think it has to do with the fact that it’s BRC rather than SJA.