Adult SNCOs and headdress

Do any of the adult SNCOs on here have any preferences as to SD cap vs Beret in terms of uniform worn on Sqn? (One could even throw forage caps into the equation as well if any NCOs wear them).

I think you may find it should only be a beret to be worn…
SD cap is for No1s

For No2 dress I tend towards beret most of the time these days but occasionally bring out the SD cap depending on task/weather/whim.

When I was playing WWO it was always SD Cap as that is a requirement of the role.

Nope - check the dress regs.


When I was a SNCO I favoured the forage cap, beret came Second with the Bus Conductors hat a distant third.

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Hat: No 1 SD for officers and RWO / WWOs (Note
1 & 2). Beret for other ranks.

Note 2. Optional No1 SD hat and field service cap for WO / SNCO

Learn something new…

When I was an NCO is was only berets for Sgts

Or chip pokes

Only wear my peak with my tie - usually for an inspection or more formal night that doesn’t call for 1s.

I use SD in blues Beret in Greens

Hopefully we all wear berets in greens :smiley:

Certain air officers dont :roll_eyes::wink:

I can almost guarantee that someone somewhere will be wandering around in a helmet. Simply because they can

Remembering the peaked cap picture?

How I wish officers could wear the beret in 2s, and beret or chip hat in 1s.


Go wash your mouth out with soap.

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Somebody’s been watching some WWII cinema.


I wear a beret almost exclusively. Generally only wear a cap with a tie

I just hate wearing the peak

The chip bag and 1s look is only acceptable if you’re in shoddily fit surplus 1s with a khaki messenger bag at a 1940s nostalgia weekend.


Perfectly fitting tailored 1s, chip hat with Ascot scarf. There’s the 40s weekend.

Shame that most of the re-enactor types don’t think like that!