ACPS Selected

Who on here has been selected for ACPS 2022?

Well this has just made me realise i was selected 15 years ago, god im feeling old now


Still waiting to hear if my cadet got a place

16 for me. Almost half a life ago

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I lie. Too early for maths. 18 years, over half a life.

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I never got chosen.:sob:

I did do a solo during my gliding scholarship in the good old days of the Vigilant! That was 9 years ago now.

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Don’t think anyone will have a confirmed place yet. Wings have to decide who to put forward by the end of this month but then Regions have to whittle down numbers

Cadets have been selected and in the process of being told

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Did a 30hr Flying Scholarship in 1984 - how old do you think I feel!
Wonder what they do on the course as I went solo at 6hrs 40 and that was only because I stuffed my 1st check ride
Those were the days - 20hrs dual and 10hrs solo

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On my acps i went solo around 6 hours spent most of the remainder of the 6 hour solo circuit bashing

That is fast. Very fast. I think the average student is around 10 hours for first solo, assuming little or no previous flying experience.

I assume you had some gliding experience before heading over?

This is something I’ve never understood… where/when or even do they teach things like Slow Flight (Ex 10A) Stalling (10Bi & 10Bii) plus the basics (Climbing Descending, Medium level turns)

Or do you get there and start in the circuit?

If I follow a work-esque syllabus we’re rarely at a stage to send someone solo before around 15hrs.


Yeah FSC

Ill try dig out my log book ;

On my PPL my first solo was a little over 13 hours, but I had no previous flying other than air experience, I didn’t think I’d done too badly!

Just completed ACPS in the past few weeks, the hours structure was as follows:

Hour 1 - Air Experience (Ex 4.1, 4.2)
Hour 2 - Straight and Level (Ex 6.1, 6.2)
Hour 3 - Climbing, Descending and Turning pt. 1 (Ex 7.1, 8.1, 9.1)
Hour 4 - Stalling pt. 1 (Ex 10b.1)
Hour 5 - Climbing, Descending and Turning pt. 2 (Ex 7.2, 8.2, 9.2)
Hour 6 - Stalling pt. 2 (Ex 10b.2, 11)
Hour 7 - General Handling Revision
Hours 8-12 - Circuits (Ex 12, 12E, 13, 13E)

There was a theory brief on the ground before each sortie introducing the key concepts to be taught in the air and techniques.

We were told that we needed a minimum of 3 hours in the circuit before being sent solo. My instructor felt I had the ability to go solo before this, but needed to follow the restrictions so went solo after 10hrs 15mins.

Once you go solo, your scholarship is complete so you may not get the full 12 hours (this was in my experience of my course and the course before me - may not apply to everyone?). I left with 10hrs and 35mins of flight time.

Hope this helps! If you’d like to know anything else, let me know :slight_smile:

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Was this because of other elements, eg poor weather or purely because you had gone solo?

If its the latter that’s a little concerning.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard that, I think that’s the trend.

I can’t comment for certain as I was there while the storms were so lots of no fly days, I did go solo in the morning of the last day (as was the case with all cadets on the previous course and on my course) - I certainly could have had another hour before the end of the day (there was an end of course debrief but this was short).
Weather was perfect on the last day.

Priority went to the next course who had had limited hours over the past week so I can understand why they did this.

I was told by a cadet on the course before me that the course was a ‘scholarship to go solo’ rather than a scholarship for 12 hours (which is the maximum time you are allowed)



Does make me.wonder which basic flying skills are being chopped out in order to get it done so fast.

Better to have a structured lesson plan and consolidated learning!

I’d love to see their risk register! This should be high up the list.

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Very pleased - 2 cadets on our sqn have been selected. :+1: