ACPS now being 18+

Cmdt 2 FTS has explained that:

“We had an incident at the Hotel used for ACPS which raised a Safeguarding Concern. This was investigated by the HQ RAFAC Safeguarding team. While the investigation concluded that the safeguarding concerns initially raised were not as first presented, and therefore the level of risk was not as severe, it also identified several flaws and failings in the current policy, procedures and practices which needed to be addressed. After further review, it was decided that attendance at the ACPS would be restricted to those Air Cadets who are 18 years-old or over.”

The affected cadets from Merseyside have been contacted directly to explain how this will impact them. We do not know for how long this restriction will last or if it will ever go away. The contract with Tayside Aviation who provide the ACPS is coming to an end at the end of FY22/23 and so we may see some changes on this around this time.

What’s everyone’s opinion on this? It seems another kick to the dead donkey that is aviation in the RAFAC. Also is weirded to make it sound like tayside is loosing the contact?

The change of age requirements has been discussed already here.


Thanks good sir!