ACPS 2021 Applications

Hi All,
Does anyone know when we can apply for the next ACPS Course on whenever it’s going to run. Im wondering whether the application process has already passed or hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks in advance.

Currently the expectation is that cadets awarded a place on ACPS etc this year who were cancelled will be given priority for places in 2021/22. Given this, don’t expect many spaces to be available for new applications for '21, and there is currently no timeframe for when those limited applications will be requested.

Scholarships probably won’t start until at least March '21.

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Is it…
Anyone got that in a policy please.

That was my understanding from reading IBN 055 - 2020

Applications for existing awardees have been be re-prioritised by the RAFAC Region and CCF (RAF) staff and forwarded to HQ 2 FTS for retention. Should authority be given to resume ACPS operations, cadets will be called forward by the service provider (Tayside Aviation Ltd) in priority order

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Ok great.

I had read it slightly differently, but that makes sense

From the IBN, there is a “flavour” of being ready, just in case:

However, as soon as it is possible to recommence ACPS, we would aim to do so. This may mean that, due to the compressed timeframe, opportunities, if available, might be at very short notice.

Although currently suspended, 2 FTS will begin to invite a limited number of applications from ATC Regions and CCF (RAF) for the FY21/22 ACPS programme.

I’ve told our cadets that if they are eligible, to have a draft application up their sleeve, ready to fire off.

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I think that’s wise. My suspicion is when the tap is turned on, we won’t have much notice. We have a backlog to clear but applicants for FY21-22 will need to move swiftly.

All RCs/CCF have agreed to honour existing offers, where possible. Strictly that’s up to the regions* but there’s a common approach in practice.

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If the tap is turned on again, I suspect there wont be many cadets who will be able to attend at short notice. Many will be committed to there A-levels and getting an approved absence from school might be tricky.
The bigger problem might be the number of cadets who are available short notice, and crucially, have the EASA class 2 medical certificate in their hand. Don’t forget, they were all told to book a date and get a medical only weeks before being told ACPS was cancelled. How many of them managed to get the medical in before the bad news arrived?

Correct - & under current lockdown, the CAA has even suggested that they might report private pilots who organise a Class 2 under lockdown as being “non-essential” - how nice of them. Maintenance / currency flights are still approved.

ACPS “EASA” Class 2 - I have already been in touch with my AME to give him a heads-up for this. He said that he would charge £95.00, refundable as per ACTO34 of course. I’ve also messaged 2FTS about ACTO34, as after BREXIT (31 Dec) it will NOT be “EASA” - the terminology will probably have to be amended to “UK CAA” or similar. I wonder what the “flash to bang” revision timescale will be. :wink:

That is surely totally illegal. The relationship between a doctor and their patient is confidential, the CAA could not expect to use the information about an appointment to report a pilot (to the police?). It’s also a breach of the GDPR as the details of medical appointments are not held for the purposes of brining charges for breach of Coronavirus legislation!

Medical appointments are also entirely legal under Coronavirus legislation and are a permitted reason to travel.

I think that the CAA would go on the date of the medical, rather than any conditions with associated confidentiality - but bear in mind, that some of these conditions are permitted (but still reportable to the the CAA). As such, not sure if all elements of GDPR would be valid in such cases. Nevertheless, definitely a case of Big Brother from the CAA.

Yes, as per my linked article, some flying activities are permitted, & yes, medical appointments are legal under lockdown restrictions (I had a dental appointment for treatment last week).

The CAA has climbed down and admitted they can’t do that. See this news story:


Good ! Completely unacceptable that a regulatory body should act in this manner and totally against the principles of ‘Data Minimisation’ defined in GDPR.

The CAA are there to govern civilian aviation, not to police Coronavirus legislation

That is really really cheap. Where is this doc? In the last 2 years I’ve not heard of one being under £150. All initial issues now have to have an ECG, whereas before this was at the discretion of the AME. This has bumped the price up to £250 give or take a few quid.

I’ll act as his agent for £25 for each introduction. :wink:

He is in Cambridge, if you search under the CAA AME section, you’ll pull him up (Dr Kumar) - this is the price for “my” cadets (with ECG) - I’m sure you could negotiate. :slight_smile:

He has set days for AME stuff.

Can you hit me up with a black market class 1 :joy::joy:

When I’ve done mine next month, maybe! :slight_smile:

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The CAA has to be informed of all medicals being taken, passed, deferred, or failed.

So they would be told regardless.

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Class 2 medicals are not required for commercial flying.

They are for hobby or sport pilots.
Therefore not essential.

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Well you say that… but instructors can operate on a class 2 medical.

Not that I do, I find it less hassle (despite it being costlier) to keep my Class 1 current each year as opposed to doing a renewal every 4 years (so that I dont have to go to Gatwick on the 5th year)

My Class 1 Revalidation was £185