ACLC 2021

Hi everyone,
ACLC 2021 had applications close recently and the participants of those who have been selected are shown on Cadet Portal. Please can someone advise me on what ACLC is like, and if there are anythings is should be aware of like fitness or just some general knowledge.

Thanks Alot

Hello. Could I suggest doing a search for ACLC on the forum search. You’ll find quite a few threads with good information about ACLC. It’s a very good course so I hope you’re able to get onto it.

However, I think the chances of it running this year are close to zero, I’m afraid. From our Wing briefings, residential activities for mixed groups of cadets from all across the country aren’t likely until next year.


As Grounded said there are a lot of existing threads so please take a look through, but I think the most helpful in terms of course structure/content and up to date info is here: ACLC Course 2020

You might something extra on a deeper dive, though.

In that thread I mention that the timed run isn’t timed - afaik that is still valid info.

I agree that there’s a slim chance it runs this year unfortunately, but if you have any specific questions that you can’t find answers to already, then come back here and ask away!


How are they shown? My cadets who applied are just showing as ‘bidding’ on some weeks.

If they haven’t been ‘rejected’, are they on the course, or still waiting to find out?

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On Cadet Portal only about 7 cadets per week have been “selected” everyone else is a “reserve”. My guess is that this will probably change

We’ve got 4 cadets who applied for each week. They’ve all been rejected from one, and a mix of them of them have been rejected from each of the others.
One is a reserve on one week, the rest are left as bidding on a mix of the weeks. Seems a confusing way of doing it!

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Sounds like they need to put comms out to units with bids…

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