ACLC Course 2020


I had a quick search for information on here and found a bit but I wondered whether anyone could offer an insight into what you do on the aclc course.
I have just sent in my application but no one in my section has ever done it before and the staff also are slightly clueless.

From what I understand it involves leading command tasks…?

Therefore do I need to know my map reading; erecting a poncho; radio skills; etc?
Purely because I am worried I do not possess the skills I need to succeed. (also is it pass and fail?)

thank you,
any information is welcome.

The course - is exactly that a course for you to learn.

If you are allocated a place you will be given a pre course work book to fill out.

It will definitely help if you can read a map and do compass bearings, as well as knowing how to tie the knots they send you as part of the pack.

Everything else is taught on the course, theory then practical application before any assessments.

Assuming you’re selected (it’s competitive), then do the prep they tell you and you’ll be fine. I notice this year there’s no specified run time and you just need to do the time you say you can (which is what happened in practice before anyway). The course is honestly one of the best i’ve done; you don’t realise the benefit at the time but it does help provided you continue to apply the skills/theory you learn. It’s all command task style stuff with some map reading thrown into some of the exercises (not OS maps!), but don’t worry about this. There’s also a log run, orienteering ex, ~15km walk and you bivvy out for 2 nights. Long story short, don’t worry about it at this stage.

@MattB might be able to provide more info (and as an aside… what’s the walk’s name? I’ve forgot).

Halt on “fitness testing for selection purposes”, pending further recommendations.

Different topic, but in short there were deaths of army recruits due to medical issues, cadets aren’t screened, CFAV aren’t adequately trained, so no targeted aerobic testing like time limited runs, bleep test, etc. Risk to be reassessed later once more info and professional recommendations are available.

amazing thank you guys, just need a place now :wink:

I myself took part in ACLC 2019, course 125. Was definitely the best course I’ve taken part in. The week consists of:
-13km walk
-leadership and followership theory
-phase 1 testing (10-15 minute leadership exercise)
-phase 2 testing (25-30 minutes assessed leadership exercise)
-phase 2 interview (tell you if you are allowed to continue the course)
-phase 3 (40-45 minute assessed leadership exercise. Takes 2 days and and involves camping out)
-flight competitions (orienteering and log run)
-final interview (tell you whether you passed and if so, at what grade.