Accessing Bader: Public Internet / Cloudflare

Has bader log on security changes as cannot log on from a public wifi point (it worked last week)

Nothing I’ve seen, what’s the error?
The only restrictions I know off are country based.

If it’s a blocked login it will say something along the lines of not meeting compliance requirements.

I just logged in and I’m overseas at present. It did do a Cloudflare to me briefly, but then no issues and straight in.

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Thanks for the replied, it gets to the cloudflare then locks up, hopefully just a temporary gliche

Could be the pesky Ruskis trying a DDoS and triggering the Cloudflare.

I’ve noticed I’m getting hit with cloudflare a lot, has bader always had cloudflare protection?


Is it a reaction to SMS wetting itself all the time at the prospect of dealing with users trying to access it?

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…of working without Ultilearn as the go-to-hate function on the BADER platform

Always, no. But it has been in place for a good while now (years)

Used to annoy me when going a Russia (a lot) & not being able to catch up during my time off, think it was the same for Turkey too? Even VPNs wouldn’t work - Russia blocks loads of them, & it used to be a specific offence to use one! That said, on a couple of my last trips to Moscow before the sanctions & “no fly” kicked in, some of the local staff were quoting detailed news from the BBC website that was only a few hrs old.

IIRC it’s against the ToS to access abroad or use a VPN.

Interesting, genuinely don’t think I’ve ever been hit with it before up until recently. Perhaps there was potentially malicious activity so cloudflare automatically put DoS protections up.

It’s allowed in some countries for sure, we have units in Cyprus
Also defo not blocked on VPN’s, It was in the past but I regularly use VPN when travelling at home and abroad.

I know they’ve had it set pretty sensitive before now so it cuts in pretty quick.

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I cannot access SMS at all since the Cloudflare message. Says username and password wrong but this has been reset three times and still no joy. We are completly screwed as we can’t approve or submit events now.

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Can you login to SharePoint using the role account via an InCognito browser session?

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Do the password reset using Guest mode on Chrome. I don’t know why it works but it does.

If that’s true then I won’t be able to use it at all, as MODNET laptops cannot connect to the internet without the VPN when used remotely.

Might not be then, checked the BADER SyOPs and it doesn’t state anything about VPNs, can’t find the separate cadet portal and myRAFAC SyOPs though. Unless it’s been ammended I guess I imagined it!

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I would love to but SMS does not have a password reset option, it has to be done by your Bader POC. In my case they have reset the password 3 times but I’m still locked out. Or are you saying the Bader POC does guest mode?

I have access to Sharepoint and e-mail it is just SMS with the OC account that doesn’t allow me in.

Try logging into sharepoint with your OC account.