The ACC Map is up and running, this topic was lost in the great data loss of 2017 so I’m starting it again!

The ACC Map:

Please use as you see fit, please don’t steal it :wink: it took me ages to put together!

Feel free to give your corrections and updates here.

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Could I be made an editor on this please? I can help place a few units more accurately.

Similar to the last - I’ve spotted a couple of misplaced units to correct, could I be made editor?


Could you PM me the email addresses you want to use for the map editor.



2527 (Lawnswood) is in the wrong place.

53.850317, -1.616145 is slap bang in the middle of our car-park.

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All Fixed :slight_smile:

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I also just noticed you have 110 DF (Linton-on-Ouse) but they recently changed it and it isn’t 110 (City of York) attached any more, I think its 2487 DF (Linton-on-Ouse) but don’t quote me without double checking.

If you want to be spot on, 54.042869, -1.253267 is the Cadet building and 54.044675, -1.246869 is Region HQ and C&E Yorks Wing HQ.

thanks, updated :slight_smile:

1134 (West Belfast) and 2390 (BRA) both now closed.

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H&B Wing HQ address is as below -

( :Mil - 95237 6116
( :Civ - 01296 656116

Headquarters Herts and Bucks Wing ATC
The Station Learning Centre
RAF Halton
HP22 5PG

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1132 (Stalham) Sqn is disbanded.
222 (Broadlands) Sqn address is Hoveton Broadland High School, Tunstead Road, HOVETON NR12 8QN. It is wrongly positioned on the map.

Thank you :slight_smile:

One that always grates with me is 285 CoulsdEn & Purley. I have family in the area. CoulsdOn is, and always has been, the correct spelling.

Sorry, I’m guessing you aren’t local to that area so aren’t to know that. But one that always irritates me as it’s easily corrected by those in the know.

I shall have the author flogged at dawn…

Hang on that’s me!

I’ll fix it!

All updates done so far,

I need a reference for this as they’re still showing on the Air Cadet Site???



2390 closed down June last year , the OC is now with my Sqn, 1134 shut down start of June this year.

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Hi, just an update for 127 squadron; it’s (City of Wakefield) [but that’s just me nit-picking aha] but our county is West Yorkshire, not South Yorkshire! Apologies, I simply had to point that out, and I know this, because 127 is my squadron :blush:
PS: Thanks for setting up the map; it’s really helpful :grin:
EDIT: However, I’ve just looked at my squadron’s website, and the information is incorrect on there, so if you’re after references, I’m unsure as to whether I can provide that as of yet. I’ll speak to my squadron ASAP, since I have no clue why the website is wrong. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t have time to play with the data right now, but you could create an interesting statistics page using this data. Google offers a live data feed for each map now, so it would also be easy to regenerate the page if the data was updated.
Specifically I’m interested in knowing the closest pair of squadrons, as I think that mine may be one of them…


Couldn’t find the data feed, where am I looking?