ACC, Kunena and the future?!?



when ACC was rebranded the current software, Kunena, was the best out there. Now, nearly 2 years on, Kunena isn’t.

The features we were promised never arrived and there are issues with mobile viewing and various other bits that are simply annoying!

I’ve had a quick look around the intertubes to see where we could possibly go next.

Usability is the key and integration with the other social platforms should be available to those who wish it.

One option I’ve found is CodoForum It’s different but uses the latest tech.

The other options include software such as MyBB, SMF even bbPress which would integrate into ACC Sites.
Other more complex options include: nodeBB or discourse

One major issue is exporting the current content to the new!

Your thoughts, as ever, please.



Just back to phpBB? :wink:


Just don’t lose my post count! I lost the best part of 1000 when someone tried to mess about with the forum, 3-4yrs ago.


its not about the size of your post count, it’s all about how you submit it :wink:


Matt, I know you loved your phpBB - as did I back in the day. Unfortunatley, today, it just doesn’t cut the mustard :frowning:



Closed group in FB?


double post


And reveal your real identity?! surely not?!



FB…? maybe not - but should ACC become a little more like FB, Twitter, G+ etc…???


D@mn, you mean you can see my real name??!! :blink:


Matt, I know you loved your phpBB - as did I back in the day. Unfortunatley, today, it just doesn’t cut the mustard :frowning:


I was looking a few weeks ago and NodeBB and Vanilla Forums look pretty good at the moment.


NodeBB is very cool, but It’s darned hard to install on an existing server - it likes to be by itself!
Vanilla is also looking good, but theres no converter for kunena > vanilla.

I did a test import to codoforums and it seemed to work - but it might be too much of a change for the site!


No different than a routine update to Bader. B)


I guess my question would be, what are we hoping to improve?

This place seems to work okay as-is from what I can see.

Is a change worth the upheaval?
If it’s to incorporate some important and useful new features, then maybe. If it’s just because these fora aren’t “the cutting edge” anymore, then probably not.


Good points,

There’s no real reason to upgrade, save getting the extra features some users have asked for.

If we’re happy to carry on as we are, then doing nothing is an option! Less work for me


Out of interest for me, more than anything, I’ve setup a nodeBB server for us to have a play with!

It’s not fully functional - no emails and the like but the basics are there.

Take a look, register and have a play - see what you think.
I’ll do a codoforum install as well, tomorrow probably!




Really dislike that nodeBB board. Reminds me too much of windows 8.


I know what you mean, that’s the default look. Haven’t even looked at the theming yet!


and here’s an install of codoforum

and an install of myBB

have a play!

the only one so far with a kunena importer is codoforum


MyBB is the best so far!