ACC, Kunena and the future?!?



make an account on all of them so i can show you the backend :wink: !!


I like the myBB


I’ve made an account on mybb, but I had to swap the theme before I could! The red version doesn’t give you the option.


there was a menu - top left, but i’ve put it back to default. You’re now an admin etc!

do the same on codoforum to compare/contrast


Coco doesn’t like me. Had 2 errors from php when I registered and then a fatal error when clicking the email confirmation link.


I can’t stand Windows 8 but I like nodeBB.

MyBB seems very similar to the current setup. Is there any need to change to something so similar?

On Codo, there’s an enormous sidebar which seems a bit unnecessary.


MyBB offers really good moderation features which we simply don’t have on this board. And a decent PM system. And it’s essentially a phpBB board for those that liked the old look.


this looks great fun:

it’s Discourse!


Hi all,

I’ve managed to get the importer working for the Discourse install for testing.

your accounts are there but you’ll need to do a password reset to login.

All the posts as of midnight last night are there - it’s totally separate from the current forum so post away!




I’m a ruby guy if you decide to go with discourse and need a hand with anything tricky.


That’s great to know - this is my first foray into Ruby/Rails/Docker so I might need a hand :wink:

What do you think of it so far?




Hello all, it has been a long time, but I’ve popped up again.

FB exploded yesterday with a publicly visible thread about the social media policy, so it looks like there is still a need for somewhere out of sight where people (of all ages) can chew the fat. That particular thread disappeared - coincidentally minutes after the 2011 SMP got posted on it - oh bitter sweet irony!

Anyhooo, so far as functionality goes, so long as its simple enough for a comparitive technophobe to moderate, and serves a purpose in perhaps keeping some of the stuff in fb etc appearing in public view I’m very happy to be led by the technophiles.


The ACC Disccourse BETA hasn’t seen much activity thus far - have a look, reset your password and let me know what you think.

If you’re a mod here, you’re a mod there!


PS - give it a minute, it’s server is updating!


It’s all up and running B)


I’m not keen on discourse. It looks very clean but I just don’t like the structure of it.


Just logged in and had a play…overall Iike the simplicity of it and the mod tools seem intuitive and easy.


thanks guys,

what is it about the structure? The way it’s shown on the screen - ie by latest post or category etc???


could you have a play using the mod tools and looking into the wiki function - looks interesting!


One issue that I’m not sure of.

In the User table all emails are visable to me. IS this just on a Mod/Admin account or are all user emails visable to all accounts? Just a PERSEC problem possibly.


it should be just for mods/admins

can you post the url and i’ll check with my ‘regular’ user account