ACC Foodies - What are you Eating and Drinking?

An excellent idea to go alongside all the other What are you watching/reading topics! I blame the McDonald’s Thread

I would like to introduce What are you Eating & Drinking!

Make us all envious with your foodie exploits across the length and breadth of the UK (and further afield!).

I’ve got a couple of steaks defrosting for dinner tonight, plan to make a peppercorn sauce, GF Chips for Ms. VZ.

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Don’t forget the brandy!

Of course!

Well, apart from when I go to Mcdonolds to get a Triple cheese burger with medium fries and a small coke/tango. I tend to go to this same pub and have the, “cowboy burger” or the pepperoni pizza.

Dinner tonight consisted of finest American peanuts, smothered in smooth milk chocolate and a candied sugar shell

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Sounds a bit light for dinner?

Alex wishes he was light :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wowsers this is getting personal… But you are right another 2 stone to go :joy:

Yeah, didn’t mean to get too personal :joy:, but I do like to fuel up big time when I have dinner

Home made Sausage and Egg Muffin

Well as the local petrol station is queuing for miles, and I have about 20 miles left in the car, and I doubt I’ll get fuel in the morning… it’s looking like tomorrow’s planned flying will be cancelled.

So nothing for it than a bottle of Cabernet and chocolate coated caramel pretzels… then probably Shiraz, then probably whiskey.

May as well make the most of a weekend firmly on the ground.

I know some people drink alcohol for the experience but does anyone drink it for the taste? As for me the only alcohol that tastes nice is Baileys, because sugar. All the others like Vodka are just like pure ethenol and disgusting, in my opinion.

Over time, you start to appreciate it.

I’ve always really enjoyed red wine, so a southern comfort and lemonade was always nice to sweeten the pallet.

Then amaretto Coke etc. Then as I dropped sugar out my tea/coffee those drinks were a bit sweet, so it was on to bourbon and whiskeys with a vanilla note…

Then as the relentless March of time plods on you start to like all sorts of things. And before you know it; yes, you do enjoy a good whiskey.

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Whiskeys never grown on me :joy: I have developed into a beer snob though

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I do.

The ciders I drink differ from the ones my wife enjoys where I prefer a much more scrumpy taste.

The same is true for spirits, I prefer rum and often a spice or sweet (caramel) flavour while she’s much more a fan of Ameretto/Disaronno

Although we both enjoy the same port

I’m at a wedding tomorrow (well, later today). I hate weddings. So any recommendations for beverages to get me through it would be greatly appreciated :sweat_smile:

I’m all over the vodka already :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The majority of people over 21 do.

Pretty much everyone under that tends to be an idiot with alcohol.

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Tbh I’d put the idiot boundary closer to 30

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Propping up @AlexCorbin’s shares

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Wise man