About turn on the march

Sure one of the drill gurus will be able to advise but in prep for a visit to ATF at some point post covid is this still the current about turn? About turn on the march (AP818) - YouTube

When did it get changed from good old simple T L V (Showing my age) and did/does the person responsible for the change have shares in You’ve been framed?

Feels like an accident waiting to happen :laughing:

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Yeah that is the right version.

If you need any further help give me a shout

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It’s just an emphasised TLV away ( but with left right left right as the timing instead)… It’s not that different really :slight_smile:

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Well, VLV.

Most important thing with the pivot is keeping shoulders, hips, and chin square and back straight, and arms locked. Keeping all that weight stable within your base and no going floppy makes it easier to balance.

Build up from doing it on the spot, 1 pace, 2 paces, 3 paces, slower march.


just feels a little off balance, lacking control and weird pivoting during the first move, teaching an old dog a new trick :slightly_smiling_face: :

I had T L V through my cadet and reserve service so its still muscle memory I guess.

@anon9987823 its more V L V than T L V :laughing:

< Γ ^ ?

It’s been 9 years. There isn’t a cadet still in service now who should have been taught it.

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Oh there is… I still spend a lot of my time beating TLV out of cadets

Seems you should be beating the instructors?

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That as well

I will have been out of the organisation about 15 years and last had to do drill over 20 years ago

I meant no disrespect, more acknowledging my own surprise that it’s been so long, and it still hasn’t died out yet among the current cadet population.

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The reason it was changed is that if you accidentally over extend the L position you can damage your hip when brining the hell heel back in.

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That sounds like fun.

I have the same issue on camps. I spent the majority of Summer Camp 2019 teaching the about turn, including to SNCOs. I swear half my wing is still teaching TLV, but that belongs in a GMG thread.

I thought it was because the RAF were sick of having to teach ex cadets the proper about turn. It being easier to train someone from scratch than it is to break an existing habit.


Any reason for this to be in this category?

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Good point!

Moved :slight_smile:

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Having been taught the correct version as ‘swivel-L-V’, and it being a nightmare to get everyone to change from T-L-V, watching this it appears to be more akin to a right turn on the march with an ‘L-V’ after to get you going back the direction you came from (although there’s probably a huge difference to anyone who actually knows their drill!)

Actually it was more akin to a right turn before - when the left foot was placed across the right (the “T” for the old school).

I find that people make far more of a meal out of the pivot than is necessary and it’s primarily when broken down. It’s easier to pivot when the momentum from marching carries one through.

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